Hello World!

I'm Tatiana, the Dubious Hausfrau and I am so pleased that you found your way to my corner of the interweb. Like super duper pleased. See, look how pleased I am!

The Dubious Hausfrau came into being after I burnt myself out working non-profit. So I walked away. I had completely lost the work/life balance. My husband suggested I blog the journey and the dubious hausfrau was born. I was super lucky that when we moved and I started blogging our expat adventure that the name of my blog worked perfectly.

Fun Facts...

I'm in my 30's and live in Switzerland with my husband. We moved here in 2011 when he was offered a job with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) which is a special department of the United Nations. I'm a writer and in mid-2014 I started working part-time at the UPU in the English Language Typing Pool. We moved here from Canada where we were both born and raised. I moved a lot as a child so I saw more of Canada by the time I was 12 than more people have in their entire life.

Winnipeg is generally where I call home though. I was born there and that's where I always end up. It's not home really but it's the place I have the strongest attachment to. It's there where I not only played high school rugby but also where I started my roller derby career. Yes. I play roller derby. I'm known as Jam Buster on the track. I coach and skate here in Switzerland. When I'm not writing, formatting documents or skating I'm cooking, baking, mixing drinks and generally leaving lots of projects half finished.

My willing accomplice...

My husbands name is Johnathan. Known mostly around my blog as either "the husband" or "John". I generally only call him Johnathan when I need to get his attention. He loves his job even though it takes him away from home a lot. He installs and trains people on money transfer software that is designed to be used through a countries postal system. Not only is he a airport lounge expert but he is also a Kansas City Barbecue Society certified barbecue judge (yes this is exactly what it sounds like), the oldest of 5 and from a small town in Manitoba that I had never heard of.  

As not to bore you I will give you the coles notes of our love story;
  • We met working together at a Summer day camp held at our University in 2003.
  • Before John met me he had had nothing but a lot of really weird/awkward/bad first dates (remind me to tell you about the time his date tried to convert him to Christianity.)
  • Before I met John I had been in a long term relationship with a boy I had thought I was going to marry. We had dated from ages 16 to 19. Yup. He dumped me over the phone about 6 weeks before I met John.
  • We got hitched in July 2006 in front of about 80 of our friends and family.

Expat Living...

From the moment we realized we were going to be stuck with each other for the rest of forever John and I set in motion a plan to one day live overseas. We figured if we kept putting it out to the Universe and seeing that as our end goal we would one day end up in Europe. In 2008 John applied for a job in Geneva. When he got the in-person interview we told everyone. Then he didn't get the job (at least I got some good chocolate out of it.) So after much damage control we vowed that we would keep our mouths shut next time until things were certain. That second chance came June 30, 2011 when we found out we were moving to Switzerland. We kept very few people in the loop this time. This was very much "need to know" information. We arrived here with two suitcases each and backpack each. Oh and my derby gear. We rebuild our life with the contents of those suitcases and many trips to Ikea.

Why I blog...

Other than to hear myself talk? Because what started out as a way to find myself evolved into a way for our friends and family find us on our adventures and our way to say "we're okay." And then later as a way for other expats and trailing spouses to find out they're not alone in this truly weird thing that is expat living. It's also a way for me to document this incredible gift of an adventure we're on. I'm also very passionate about blogging the good, the bad and the scratchy of our life here. It's not all chocolate, cheese, travel and cocktails. No. Sometimes its homesickness, frustration and self-doubt. 

So like I said welcome to my corner of the interweb and please enjoy coming along on this adventure with me.

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