Got my learning pants on

I've been trying to decide what to do with this little corner of the internet for some time now. 

While I'm still an expat and a trailing spouse I don't feel like a lot is going on that is new that anyone would care to read about. 8.5 years in and I'm fairly sure we can't consider this a new experience anymore. At this point, I'm a Canadian that lives and works in Switzerland and there is nothing too exciting about that concept anymore. 

So I've been stuck with what to do with this space.

I've spent too much time here to just let it go. I will admit I did consider that for a moment. Just shut up shop and focusing my attention elsewhere like my expat meals project. But somehow I just couldn't bring myself to let that happen. I did entertain the thought of quietly walking away and just maintaining the domain name and have this act as a time capsule for that time I liked to hear myself talk on the internet. But that just seemed like a waste of $10 a year.

Then Johnathan suggested something (isn't that always the case.) why not start from the beginning. Go back to where it all began with this blog where the only people who read it were my mom and my best friend. Go back to writing about what I'm learning. 

I've been doing a lot of learning about various things while I've not been writing here. You've seen glimpses of it with my post about taking a first aid course back in ye olden times of 2018. Or when I talked about not being done learning in my post about Anthony Bourdain in June of this year. So why not writing about the stuff I'm learning. 

As Johnathan so cleverly pointed out that was the whole purpose of the Dubious Hausfrau in the very beginning. I started this blog because I was learning new things. I was learning about being a housewife and a work-life balance. So why not have a full circle moment and start back at the beginning. 


There's that blog niche everyone is always talking about (okay not everyone...and it's not always...)

I have been doing a lot of learning lately. Mostly out of the want/need/desire/something to know stuff. I'm a classic know-it-all that will "um actually..." anyone at any time. So I found myself sometime in the autumn of this year trying to learn how to make bread properly. I had made a sourdough starter during the summer and had only ever made pizza with it so I thought, "Might as well figure out how to use this." And figure it out I did. Needless to say, giving up bread is not on my 2020 "new year new me" list. I've progressed slowly and my bread baking confidence has grown. I've started to recognize when things go wrong and when I just can salvage sometime. I've gasped in wonder when I've lifted the lid of my cast iron pot to find the bread magic worked and I've also pouted something fierce when I've had to trash a loaf before it even makes it into the oven. Who knew learning to make bread could be such an emotional roller coaster. 

My word for 2020 is learning. And I'm going to learn all the things. Although not all at once, as Johnathan pointed out this morning I shouldn't try to cram a year worth of learning into January. So come along with me as I learn to kickbox, learn to sew, learn to bake bread, learn to use my passion planner properly, learn to write for video games and learn architectural thread painting. 

I've going to learn things and write about them and I'm going to drag you along for the ride.