"“I would like to see the pumpkin spice craze drowned in its own blood."

Years ago John and I had the opportunity to see Salman Rushdie speak. It was brilliant. But the biggest takeaway I got that night that my job as a writer was to open up the world for someone us. That was the job of any creator actually. Just open up the world for someone else.

Anthony Bourdain didn't open up the world for me.

He blew the doors off.

My family likes to make fun of my Bourdain obsession. My husband has grown to accept it as one of my delightful quirks and most of my friends are just polite about it. Hell half of my friends don't even know who I'm talking about most of the time. They just smile and nod while I rave about the fact we went to a place we saw on some CNN show and it was just as awesome as I hoped it would be.

Last June one of our translators came into our office and mentioned "some chef had just died." I googled frantically because while other people obsess over movie stars and real housewives, I obsess over chefs.  Needless to say, I was devastated. I remember John's response was perfection, I called him, told him and all he said was, "well fuck." Well, fuck was right.

I wasn't done learning all the things he had to teach me about the world. I wasn't done hearing his stories and explore places that inevitably got added to my "must go" list. I wasn't done watching him make his way through the world and getting to know small corners of it without having to leave my living room.

When Johnathan was travelling a lot for work I made a point of watching the episode of either Parts Unknown or No Reservations about the place he was going. I wanted to know where he was going and while I never actually travelled with him it gave me a chance to see what he was going to see. And also gave me a chance to tell him where I wanted him to go. Sometimes he got the chance and other times he didn't but I liked knowing at least one of us got to do cool things in a neat country. I made him go to Raffles in Singapore (where the Singapore sling was invented.) I insisted he try the offal soup in Georgia (he was not impressed.) He now has a very deep love of spicy noodles in the morning in Asian countries and in Madagascar is ate crocodile (apparently it's like eating scallops.)

I'm fully aware of how ridiculous all that sounds I really am. But when you're the spouse that gets left behind you find ways to cope and my way was to watch Anthony Bourdain globetrot while I waiting for my own globetrotter to come home.

And now he's gone. And it sucks. But I'm super happy he opened up the world for me.

I still watch episodes of his show. Though I still sometimes yell "Goddamn it Tony!" at my TV. His cookbook is permanently in my kitchen because it's truly awesome. Bodega sandwiches where have you been all my life?! Saint Anthony the Opinionated sits on top of my wine fridge reminding me that my body is an amusement park. He said the best thing you can do is get up off the couch and move, and that's what I try to do. Maybe it's not always a different country or continent but it's somewhere that's off my couch and out in the world where I can open my mind and learn. 

Today is Bourdain Day, so please, go take a walk in this beautiful world.