Hello 2019

And just like that we're 6 weeks into 2019.

I've started this post a few million times in the last 6 weeks.

This happens every year. I swear I'm going to get back to ALL the blogging. Write posts ahead of time. Have a direction. Cultivate my writing and curate my content.

And then you find yourself 6 weeks into the new year going, "oh yeah...I was going to do a thing..."

Heavy sigh.

And it's not like I don't have things to write about either. I have a whole bunch of posts created but a lot of empty drafts with catchy titles does not make a blog.

But as usual I will try to do better.

That's the least I can do right.

So hello 2019 blogging. Let's try to not make people think we've shuddered this corner of the internet okay.


Oh, everyone knows this feeling.. Nice to see you've started blogging again!