5 things Friday


1. I was in Lyon recently. Amazing city. But I found myself without stretchy pants. This was not good. Generally when traveling to France, Germany or Italy I will always bring stretchy pants because when I arrive I basically treat it as a challenge to eat all the things. Especially in France and Germany. So there I was at lunch in Lyon realizing as my first course arrives that I didn't pack stretchy pants. Good thing I found the Primark! I'll elaborate more on our trip in a post soon but for now just heed my warning, always bring stretchy pants to France. Always. 

2. I love Burlesque. I think it's epic and awesome and tremendous and all those other lovely words we use to describe things we really like. Earlier this month though my burlesque loving self got to see Dita von Teese in Geneva as part of her Art of the Teese tour. My goodness I've never seen anyone more glamorous in my entire life. I shelled out the cash for the good seats because lets be honest who wants to be in the far back of the room in a massive theatre for a burlesque show. Not me that's who. And my goodness it was it worth every Swiss franc. Though pro tip: if you're going to wear your sparkly and light up Irregular Choice Cinderella shoes, make sure you take them off during the show because it weird to explain that you're not taking photos, it's just your shoes. 

3. Johnathan asked me how NaNo was going last week. He said I looked painfully guilty when I answered, "it's going okay." Then I admitted to him I had three days this week where I didn't write at all and yesterday I maybe go to about 1000 words and it was a struggle. Writing is hard. So hard. And being creative is hard. And I've been going to between, "I am a literary genius!!!!!" and "words? what are words?" And I came to the realization that I don't know enough about the genre I'm writing in which is a HUGE roadblock. So here I am nearly at the end of November with not much to show for it. I have all the reasons in the world but what I comes down to is this plan wasn't very well thought out. As is my usual with NaNo. Will I complete it? No, not this month. Do have something I can kind of fix and run with when I figure more stuff out about how to write in the genre I chose? Absolutely.

4. Johnathan is headed to Paris in February for a rugby game. He would like me to explain rugby to him. This is one of the few things in the world that I know more about than him. I'm still deciding if I'm actually going to explain it or just make stuff up.

5. We were in Belfast last week. Which was epic! We had a fab time. We're now those people telling everyone else to go to Belfast. We learned a lot (the troubles weren't really something you heard about in Canada.) We ate a lot (hello non-Swiss portion sizes). We drank a lot (flying hung over is no joke!) And we just had a really really good time together. We went to a wizarding themed pub. We took a black cab tour. We saw the Giant's Causeway, the dark hedges, Dunluce Castle, Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and a whole bunch of other things. But most importantly, we had just a really good time hanging out together.