I’m spending thanksgiving alone

Okay okay the title is a little clickbaity...okay, it’s a whole lot of clickbait. But it’s true. It’s Canadian thanksgiving weekend and I’m all by myself this weekend. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because I only have to worry about myself, no worries about making a whole big meal. I don’t have to feel guilty about not doing anything. I can just do my own thing which turns out will be Serious eats cast iron pan pizza. The bad part is that Thanksgiving is a holiday where you’re suppose to be with your family and my family is 7000 km away. Johnathan’s family is 7000 km away. 

And he’s with them.

Yup, you read that correctly, Johnathan is in Canada! At his parents farm as I type. And I am so relieved to let the cat out of the bag. 

It all started a week ago right after we got home from Oktoberfest. Johnathan found out his siblings were planning a party for his parents. Yes, yes we probably should have been told sooner but we weren’t so moving on. I mentioned to Johnathan that based on the date of the party and the fact we had to be in Zurich the following Wednesday it would actually work that he could go. He has the vacation time so why not just go home for a visit. 

He mulled it over for about 24 hours and then booked a ticket home. But there was a catch. 

It was a secret.  

A good secret. 

An amazing secret. 

Johnathan hasn’t been home in over a year. The only reason I went home at all this year is because I attended a funeral. The timing was right. We had the money to do it and why the hell not. He told his siblings only. It was on the QT from his parents. 

And it nearly killed me! 

I’m really bad with good secrets. I’m like a little kid, I need to share the good news. Everyone likes good happy news and I like to be the one to tell people good news. 

One of my sisters-in-law and I both had dreams that his parents would find out. I was careful about how I instagrammed and interacted on social media. I was terrified of messing up and them find out early. 

But we were successful! Surprises all around. If you’re a member of Johnathan’s family and you’re finding out now, surprise Johnathan is home!! You might get to see him. 

When we were planning this I was exited about the idea of Johnathan being home for Thanksgiving. That’s all an expat wants on holidays, to be with family by any means necessary. But some how it didn’t occur to me that it would mean I would be on my own. It honestly didn’t occur to me. Sure it was a big “oh yeah....” moment for me but honestly he needs this trip more than I need to fuss over being expats at thanksgiving. One of us is with our family and really that’s better than neither of us being with our family.

But pro tip: if you’re going to be on your own for thanksgiving, don’t google thanksgiving dinner for one. It’s just soul crushing.