I haven't cleaned my own toilet in 9 months

I also haven't vacuumed, washed the floor, cleaned a mirror or dusted. I think I have only scrubbed the bathtub once and that was because I dyed my hair.  John hasn't cleaned a toilet either or scrubbed the shower in his bathroom.

It's been great!

About 9 months ago Johnathan and I hired a cleaner *.

It is honestly one of the best things we've ever done.

Yes it's just the two of us. Yes we only live in an apartment (which by Swiss standard apparently is big). Yes we're two capable adults who were taught how to clean by our parents. Yes we don't have a lot of demands on our time that we can't do this ourselves.

But here's the scoop and I'm gonna tell ya...

I don't WANT to do. Johnathan doesn't WANT to do. We hate it. It is a huge time suck where I would much rather be doing other things. On top of that I found it really stressful. It's a big task and on top of all the personal and professional commitments it was yet another thing on my never ending to do list. Oh and housework causes fights between us. We know it's stupid but it did. It generally ends up with someone doing the bulk of the work and resenting the other person for not helping (me). OR someone asking for help and then getting mad when the helper doesn't do it your way (also me.) It just wasn't pretty. Stuff would get cleaned up under duress and with a lot of bickering (and not the cute kind.)

So we threw money at this problem.

And it's been GREAT!

Coming home from work to a clean apartment is almost as good as that feeling of taking off your bra after a long day. It's a relief. We are tidier actually because of this. I do a 30 minutes tidy up on the days she comes and that's it. We've eliminated all cleaning related fights. Go team!

I will admit though  I was a little worried at first. What if I didn't like how she cleaned? Is it weird to leave a virtual stranger in your apartment to clean it while you go to work? What if this was a bad idea? What if this means we've become "those people" that we use to make fun of when we newly weds with no money and tiny basement apartment? What if our family made fun of us for being so lazy we hired someone to clean our apartment??!

Yes, I was worried about what our families would say. I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that neither Johnathan nor I grew up in families with a lot of money so this felt like a huge luxury. Also our families like to say "I love you" by teasing you mercilessly about what might be deemed "acting more important than you are." Aka they like to keep us humble. So I pointlessly worried about remarks from our families.

Turns out literally no one cares that we hired a cleaning lady. Woohoo!

Now I understand this is not for everyone. Some people like cleaning. Some people wouldn't feel comfortable with the idea. Some people would just think it's a waste of money. That's cool. But for me, this has been a life changer. It's one less thing and I will always be in favour of anything that makes my life just a little less stressful.

*Full disclosure the link is my batmaid referral code. If you use it you get a discount on your first cleaning and then I in turn get a discount on my next cleaning.