Giving thanks

I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

I saw my Oma while she was well. I was thankful I could email her and send her postcards. I’m thankful I have her voice on my phone. I’m thankful I got to speak at her funeral and I’m thankful I got to carry her casket. 

I have a husband who loves me through some pretty tough stuff. The fact that he continues to stay married to me is remarkable some days. 

I have parents who support me through the good the bad and the ridiculous. You send me love by any means necessary and feel no shame in still parenting me sometimes (and trust me, sometimes at need it.) 

I have a best friend who loves me beyond measure. If I may quote her favourite show, "there ain’t no me without you."

I have a job I love. It’s nutty some days. I makes me want to pull my hair out some days but I love it. I have an amazing team and a superb boss and mentor. And the stuff I learn knows no bounds some times.

I have in-laws who are just gracious and fabulous. They continually make me feel part of their family and have never made me feel like I stole their son or their big brother.

I have two godchildren that give me so so much joy. Being part of their lives has been such a priviliage. 

I have two nieces that make my heart so happy. Being their auntie is a ridiculous amount of fun. 

Thankfulness it what has gotten me through the last few months of grieving. It’s what’s gotten me through a pretty tough transition at work. It’s gotten me through being far away from my best friend. It’s given me hope when I feel lost or frustrated or stressed or overwhelmed.

I am so very thankful.