Five things Friday

1. So I've just over half way through Blogtober and wow it's a lot harder than I thought. The fact that this coincides with my busiest time of year at work probably doesn't help matters much either. I had high hopes of pre-writing content, not having writers block, getting back into a daily writing/creating habit. And I was meeting and exceeding expectations...then life happened. But you know what? That's okay. It doesn't matter that I don't have a perfect blogtober posting record, what matters is that I'm trying and still plugging away at it. Honestly six months ago I would have abandoned ship the moment I had missed a post or this got too hard. But I haven't so yay for me!

2. I thought Johnathan being away for the first week of my busy time at work was a brilliant idea. Only have to worry about me. Don't need to feel bad for being busy and overtired. Don't need to coordinate schedules or make sure he knows when I'm working late or not. Yeah...I was so wrong. As I was telling my mom yesterday it turns out during my busy season at work he acts as my extra brain. I had to go back up to our apartment twice yesterday while I was trying to leave for work to get things I forgot. TWICE. I live on the 4th floor and there isn't an elevator so you can imagine how pleased I was. And I did a few things to make life easier for me but still when you get home late and you haven't eaten there might be patting yourself on the back for precooking chicken breast with your sous vide on Sunday, you still have to do something with it. And there is having to make my own coffee in the morning! [Heavy sigh] But the end is nigh! He'll be back in our apartment where he belongs when I get home from work today!

3. Our niece, whom I have affectionately referred to as Zombie Snack here on my blog, turned 8 this week. With all the best intentions in the world Johnathan included me in the group chat about bringing birthday pizza to her for dinner at his sisters place. I actually cried. I sat in my office at work after reading that and cried. I was honestly surprised by my reaction. But it suddenly hit me that while we were there the day she was born (Johnathan was holding her within 45 minutes of her birth) we have never celebrated her birthday with her. Same goes for her little sister and our godson. So I think in that moment I felt very far away from home AND kind of jealous of Johnathan AND homesick AF.

4. I'm pretty obsessed with this method of making pizza at the moment. I gave it a whirl for thanksgiving and then again over the weekend. I'm making the dough tonight so we have it tomorrow. I justify this amount of pizza consumption but telling myself it better than that creme brulee kick I went on a few years ago. 

5. I am seriously considering partaking in NaNoWriMo this year. Haven't done it in a few years but I have an idea and I really like it. It's in a genre I've never really written in before (mystery/true crime) but I'm kind of obsessed with the idea. I am going to see how much I can plot out before November 1 and it might end up being a last minute decision.