5 Things Friday

1. I made a decision! I am doing NaNoWriMo this year. I've taken a few years off of NaNo because it usually falls during the busy time of year at work for me. But this year our busy time just ended (I really hope I didn't just jinx it) AND I have an idea. This is a big deal. Normally I have a vague idea or I only know the genre...well just barely. I haven't fully plotted everything out yet. And yes I'm going to plot this out this year unlike my usual going by the seat of my pants and hoping my creativity doesn't wane. I'm doing this largely because I have an idea, I'm feeling confident about building my writing habit and I'm not feeling creatively empty any more.

2. I mentioned this vaguely in my post about expat worry but I will now elaborate. Johnathan and I are an Uncle and Aunt again! YAY! We have a nephew to add to our list of kids to spoil. Super exciting. As Johnathan was boarding his plane in Winnipeg to come to me his brother texted him with the news. Pretty exciting stuff! I like waking up in Switzerland to find out I'm an aunt again! Also John and I are super excited to start buying him from our trips hither and yon.

3. I've been taking online classes towards a certificate in Video Game Design. Specifically in art and concept. So really foundation stuff when it comes to video game characters, world building and even the basics of how games in general work. It's been super interesting. But also it has swung open the doors for Johnathan to find video games I might like to play. I'm an old-school gamer. I still like things like Oregon Trail and Ecco the Dolphin. I haven't moved on much in my gaming. I like some of the app games that are out there but really give me an old timey console or computer with an emulator and I'm as happy as the dog in duck hunt. But it HAS been really interesting hearing Johnathan and some of his friends talk about video games etc as they help me with assignments. The first assignment for my first course was actually developed on a series of napkins over some after work beers by myself, Johnathan and two of his colleagues.

4. I threw out my back this morning. Yup. Want to know how I threw it out? I coughed. Yup, I was turning to walk out of our bedroom and I had a bit of a coughing fit (getting over a cold) and suddenly lower back pain. It hurt but I didn't know how bad it was until I got up from my desk to join my colleagues for a coffee break. It's bad. Johnathan and I went for a little walk at lunch hoping that would help. Not so much. In hindsight I should not have come to work today. I don't remember getting this hurt ever playing roller derby. Who knew coughing was so dangerous. Also...I'm old now.

5. We have 4 trips coming up in the next two months. We have planned almost nothing other thank flights and hotels. Apparently when I told Johnathan I would pump the breaks on over planning our vacations it meant I would totally forget about them until one is only 3 weeks away and then start frantically googling stuff and commit to nothing. Oops. But considering I'm going to be pretty physically useless all weekend I'll at least have something to do. 


Sho said…
How's Nanowrimo going? I was going to do it...just started today (but hey, that's ok!). Ummm and back stuff might be the worst part of aging. I threw mine by picking a kid up the other day -- which should be evolutionarily very possible in my 30's. sigh.