5 things Friday

Five days into Blogtober and I give you the first 5 things Friday. Just a little post about 5 random things. 

1. I’m trying to handmake as many Christmas gifts this year. Mostly cross stitch and I think only 2 of them will have profanity. That’s actually kind of a big deal if you know me and my cross stitching proclivities. I’m super excited about this BUT I fear I may have bitten off more than I can chew because Christmas mail by dates are a thing!

2. There is a little kitty that lives in our neighborhood that we call Mrs. Stumps. She has half a tail. She’s clearly an indoor/outdoor cat. She is very well taken care of. But it is seriously a thrill when I see her out because she is so friendly. Like seriously friendly. As in I think she would let me take her home with me. We’ve almost missed trains because we stop to pet her. If she’s out while we’re on our way to run errands we usually get delayed by 10 to 15 minutes because well petting a kitty is way more fun than errands.

3. I’m learning how to sew. I know basics from home ec and from my mother and Oma. But I recently bought a sewing machine and a few books. I have sewed three things. All of which were some form of a square. But I sewed something and that’s all that matters. Next up, PJ pants.

4. Today is my Goddaughters birthday. She’s 11 now and I am in awe of the amazing little human she has become. 

5. Johnathan and I just pulled off a pretty epic surprise for someone on a pretty short notice. I’m really really impressed with us. I’ll devulge more details in the next few days because it legit just all came together and happened just a few hours ago. It’s all very exciting and lovely. I’m really proud of us. And I’ll say this right now before you start speculating, it has nothing to do with the contents of my uterus (which is empty btw.)