What’s Blogtober!?

What's Blogtober?

It's pretty simple really, bloggers post something new every day for the month of October. 31 days, 31 posts. Easy peasey lemon cheesy.


Why not? Also, I've been really lacking in the whole actual blogging area for quite some time now. I've gotten out of the habit and one person actually asked me recently if I was even blogging any more. Yikes. So I'm using blogtober to breath life back into my blog and back into my daily habit of creating something.

Are there rules? 

Yes and no. Admittedly there is no one actually policing this so really it's all on the honour system. Basically the one rule is 1 new post a day for 31 days.

My plan so far...

Without a plan in place I might as well not bother. I have a list of content ideas, I came with 35 ideas just in case I suddenly don't like one of my ideas. I will also be pre-writing some of the content because let's be real, life is a thing that happens and when I decided this would be a good idea I forgot how busy my October is already. But busy also equals content opportunities so win-win. I'll be blogging within my own little expat niche but I will be branching out into other things that have been floating around in my head as "oh that would be interesting to write about" ideas.

So prepare yourself for October because you're going to be hearing from me a lot!