Reclaming my time

Maxine Waters gave me my 2018 mission. Yes, I know she was just using House floor procedure when she stated "I'm reclaiming my time." But to me, it was the re-focusing I needed. 

So that's what I've been doing for the last month. Reclaiming my time.

2017 became, rightly or wrongly, about everyone else in our life. A lot of people claimed our time for various reasons. We spent over $20,000.00 making other people happy by fulfilling family obligations. We planned our life around my derby schedule for most of the year. I took on a new role at work, John took on some new learning opportunities to further his career goals. Life was just doing what we needed to do in 2017 rather than doing what we wanted to do or doing what we ACTUALLY needed to do rather than what we thought needed to be done. We had very little time that was devoted to just doing what we wanted/needed. There was a weekend in May and that was about it.

We celebrated the most stressful year since our move to Switzerland on the roof of a hotel in Munich. As we drank champagne and watched the city go up in fireworks and cordite we talked about 2018 being a year where we do what we want to do. Set goals and smash them and not let other peoples expectations get in the way of that.

So we made some changes. First we were all beast mode with the changes...then we both got laid out by pretty gnarly chest colds which I take as the universe saying, "chill your horses! This is a marathon not a sprint!!!"

Speaking of marathons, I'm training for a half. This is one of the ways I'm reclaiming my time. I have had a love hate relationship with working out since I retired from derby. If I wasn't working out for derby anymore what was the point? Then my mom in her wisdom said I needed a goal. Training for her marathon was her goal and her way to have some time that was just hers. Apparently she would run before we were even out of bed in the morning. huh. I figured, I could do that. It's been kind of successful. I'm not a morning person so the getting up early has not been easy. BUT getting a workout in before work and not having to worry about the fact I need to find time to workout has been lovely. But I have a goal now. I have a half marathon in September and I have a reason to run, I have a reason to lift. I have a reason to buy that hilarious workout shirt....okay I don't need a reason for that.

We've also taken away the emotional labour of some things like housework. We hired a cleaner. She comes every 2 weeks and has since December and the stress it's alleviated is staggering. Only having to maintain the apartment between cleanings has been amazing!!

Oh AND we offloaded the emotional labour of meal planning! I love Johnathan dearly but his idea of meal planning sometimes is make a giant vat of something and eat until its gone or until  you probably shouldn't eat it anymore, what ever comes first. We've been debating about using Hello Fresh for a while.  Mostly the debate was, are we really THAT busy/lazy/bouji that we can't even plan 3 meals and get groceries. The answer is no but we value our time so if this will free us up to do other things and only have to worry about half the amount of meals and less trips to the grocery store SIGN ME UP!

I also have been trying to be creative for 15 minutes a day. Right now that's mostly cross stitching but it's something. I haven't written much in the last year so I want to start at once a week to do a writing exercise and grow from there. I want to blog more because I have all these ideas but never find the time, this year is about MAKING time not finding time. So, fingers crossed, my little corner of the internet won't be AS quiet this year.

It's all a work in progress. 2018 is not a sprint, it's a half marathon. 


Aunty Pat said…
Hurrah for you two!!