And where do you see yourself in 9 years?

Source: Colin Corneau
Those two loveable idiots in that picture.


Totally smitten and besotted babies! 

They were 22 and about to turn 25 the day they had a great big party for their love. They were young, stupid and very in love. They had no plan for the rest of their lives other than be married and have adventures. 

Over the years plans started taken shape. Things they were going to do. Places they wanted to go. Things they wanted to accomplish.

Because life, plans changed, evolved or were scraped all together. But those two idiots just carried on making plans and being twitterpated.

Then Switzerland happened.

This wasn't the plan at all but they went with it.

The plan was 3 years of adventure in Switzerland and the surrounding area and then...who knows.

But the plan was 3 years.

Then 3 years ago the plan changed. Cool. Another 3 years of living in Switzerland and adventuring hither and yon. 3 years became 6. Not bad.

Then a few weeks ago 6 years turned into 9.

John's contract was renewed, again. Mine was renewed ages ago but let's be honest my sweet sweet typingpool skills isn't want's keeping us in this country. It's his mad computer skillz.

So here we are, about to celebrate 6 years of Swiss living next month and looking at celebrating 9 years in 2020. 

This wasn't the plan.

But we're okay with that. We'll just keep being stupidly in love and going ahead with plans that aren't very well thought through and see if we can turn this "just 3 years" into 12.