We were suppose to go out for burgers

I have a tendency to remember weird random details about things. I'm fairly sure because of this I have probably forgotten actual important stuff. I have one hell of a memory according to my mother and while sometimes this is a good thing (oh the things I can share at family weddings if chosen to speak...) other times it makes my heart sad.

The day my Opa Maier died the hospital cafeteria was serving burgers for dinner. The reason this was notable was because myself, my mom and my Oma had spent every day at the hospital for the last three weeks and got to know the cafeteria menu quite well and we hadn't seen it on the menu before. By the time my mom and I went down there they were clearing up. There was nothing left. No burgers for us. My Opa's best friend when he visited had offered to take us to the near by burger place. We assured him we would be okay, we would grab something on the way back to the house as it was my Oma's turn to spend the night. Later my Uncle stopped by and my mom said to me, "you know what Weeds, we'll get burgers tomorrow." I said sure and continued reading Vanity Fair. 

My Opa died that night not long after my mom and I had that exchange. While my mom was laughing with her brother and my Oma was going to the door laughing to let in yet another visitor. I was reading the same Vanity Fair when he stopped breathing. 

My Opa waiting to sneak out of the room.

As with any death there was a flurry of activity. Appointments. Gathering paperwork. Driving around the city. People appearing at my grandparents house with food. Travel was arranged. A casket was chosen and a obit written. Flowers chosen. An impromptu birthday party was thrown despite it all because someone who loves our family didn't want me to be forgotten. 

We laid my Opa to rest two days after my birthday and my mom and I headed home as fast as humanly possible after that because we were just done. So very done.

My mom and I never did go get those burgers. 

And I'm okay with that but I think tonight, finally, all these years later (how has it been so long?) I'm getting myself a burger.