A very expat Thanksgiving

Instead of Turkey we had Schweinehaxes.

Instead of stuffing we had sauerkraut.

There was potatoes and gravy though!

Instead of wondering where everyone was going to sit, it was just us eating on the couch.

Instead of a house full of people milling about it was just me, in the kitchen yelling at pie pastry while Johnathan was at work.

Instead of the dull roar of family it was just two silly creatures drinking cocktails watching Bob's Burgers  and 8 out of 10 Cats does countdown. 

Instead of beer is was negronis with the "good gin." 

Instead of going around the table saying what we were thankful for we were just quietly thankful for the little things like snapchats of the pies my mother-in-law made, Skyping with my brother and grocery stores that deliver wine. 

We're thankful that we have figured out how to make things like Thanksgiving work for us when we're so far away from the familiar. This is our 5th Thanksgiving overseas and every year we get a little better at it. We finally let go of making it just like home and have embraced making it our own. 

It's pretty easy to get into the vortex of "booo I'm not home for a family holiday." Like super easy. Especially when social media rubs it in your face that you are 7000 km's away from your family and friends while they celebrate being together. It's super easy to sit and pout and get angry about being far away.  

John and I have been there. We've been homesick. We've been pouty. We tried to recreate a Thanksgiving that resembled a Canadian one. We've muttered "they don't know how lucky they are" when people have complained about having to attend 2 family dinners. We've been there. 

It's taken a while but we've finally figured out this Thanksgiving thing. We just do what feels right. Last year we took off to Bordeaux. This year I made German food. Maybe next year we'll actually have turkey. Who knows? 

We figure as long as it feels right and we're still thankful for the life we've created for ourselves here then we've got this whole expat Thanksgiving thing figured out.