They never said "Don't go"

Dear Our parents,

A little over 5 years ago we rocked your worlds by saying, "We're moving to Switzerland." In brief early morning phone calls we dropped a bomb on the four of you. You all knew there was a chance, you all knew John was interviewing but we kept tight lipped about it. I think in a lot of ways you were thinking the same as us, "it would be very cool but what are the odds they would choose a guy from Manitoba to come all the way to Switzerland!" Then at 7 am on a Thursday morning we all looked a little foolish when they did in fact want the guy from Manitoba to move to Switzerland.

In the most chaotic 30 days Johnathan and I had ever experienced the four of you were steadfast in your support of our ridiculousness to move continents in 4 weeks. You beamed with pride at the fact that Johnathan was now a UN employee. You helped organize, purge, store and dried stressed out tears. My dad's travel plans were rearranged so we wouldn't have to go it alone when we arrived in Switzerland. My mother-in-law emptied our freezer of almost everything so it wouldn't have to be thrown out or go to waste. My own mom flew in from the east coast and single-handedly went through every single piece of my wardrobe and made decisions on what stayed and what went (most of it went...). My father-in-law made space at the farm for the MASSIVE bed he build us so it could go into storage. He also made sure my sister-in-laws former playhouse could act as a storage locker for our books and things we couldn't replace.

You all made room in your lives to deal with   tropical storm "moving to Switzerland in 30 days."

We know what we did and continue to do can be hard to swallow sometimes. We know the distance can sometimes feel greater than it actually is. We know that our life can be hard to explain to others   but you always do so with such pride. With such excitement. With such "yes, that's right parenting   WIN look at those upstanding citizens we call our children."

All the while we know inside you're probably   thinking, "why the hell do they have to be so far   away!" How do we know this? Because we're   thinking it too.

Recently we were talking about the fact that the moment you all found out about our move there was NOTHING but undying support. We realized as huge an upheaval this was for us it was also massive for our parents. We were moving across the world and you had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

None of you ever questioned us about whether we should go or not.

None of you ever said, "are you sure?"

No one said, "don't go."

Eventually the questions of us coming home stopped. When we changed our battle cry from "it's only 3 years" to "3 more years" to "as long as they'll have us!!" You joined in. You supported our choice to stay and never once has any of you suggested we come home.

Thank you for loving us and supporting this ridiculousness which has gone on a lot longer than any of us ever anticipated.

Thank you for letting us crash into your lives when we do make it back to Canada for a visit and turn your worlds upside down with jetlag and luggage and the desire to eat things like perogies and ranch dressing.

Thank you for the hours on Skype.

Thank you for never saying, come home. Just, "we miss you."

Thank you for never saying don't go.


Those two idiots that moved to Switzerland with 30 days notice