Honey, I'm home

T: You know everyone keeps asking when we're going/coming home.
J: We are home.
T: yeah...we are.

I know home can be a hard thing to define. Is it a physical place? Or just a state of mind? Is it where all your stuff is or is it where the people you love are?

Or is it just where feels right for that moment in time?

John and I have realized recently....or maybe we've known this for a while now but are only saying it out loud now but this is home. 

Switzerland is home.

This is hard to believe for me. Growing up, we never lived anywhere more than 5 years. When I married John I suffered from a seriously bad case of itchy feet and we didn't even make it 5 years in one place, it was 3 in once and 2 in another. I always wanted to be where we currently weren't. Then we got an email that landed us in the land of chocolate, cheese and Swiss German. We thought at first we were on an adventure but now we know we're on a journey of building a life.

But 4.5 year later we're not talking about when we got back to Canada we're talking about if we go back to Canada. My family is talking about if. My best friend is talking about if. There is no when.

Our life has become "if we go back to Canada" when for a long time it was, "when you come back...in 3 years...."

Our life is here now and this is a beautiful realization to have when you're an expat. Sure we're not totally integrated, I don't think any expat to this country ever will be, but this is where we're suppose to be right now.

This isn't to say we're turning out backs on Canada. No. Absolutely not. Our families are there. Our roots are there...my record collection is there...Canada will always be part of us. It will always be our right turn at the CoOp sign. It will always be my best friend living room and where my mom makes the best food this side of the universe. But Switzerland has become the place that we're relieved to come back to.

This is home.

For now.

And that makes this kid who has trouble pinning down what home actually is so very happy.


Kat said…
I'm so jealous! I've been here for 10 years, and I'm certainly comfortable and very settled (cars and house and husband and dog!), but I don't know that it feels like HOME. Still. Ever?