16 things I want to do in 2016

We're over half way through January and I'm still trying to get myself sorted out from Christmas. Yeah, two weeks off really threw me for a loop. I personally don't do resolutions. I know some people who have great success with them but I'm not one of those people. I am good at to-do lists though. So I opted for a 2016 to-do list rather than a resolution that you and I both know I'm not going to keep. I have 16 things I want to do in 2016.

1. Do you even code bro?

I'm of a generation of women who while not actively discouraged to go into computing and tech we weren't actively encouraged either. Computers and personal computers were so new when I was a kid (I was the first kids in my class to get a computer at home...that I couldn't touch....but we had one!)  that no one really new WHO should go into those industries. Then it slowly became clear it was a male dominated. That's when the dissuading started. I was in junior high and high school when that happened. Girls just didn't do that. Girls only liked computer games to impress a boy. OR they were huge nerds of Paul Pfiffer like purportions. When I met John there was only one woman in his graduating class when he got his comp sci degree. Born out of my own frustration by this I started looking into perhaps understanding comp sci and coding and programming a little more. Now, this has nothing to do with Johnathan. I encountered this attitude when I mentioned I had starting taking classes at the Codeacademy. Clearly I must be doing this because of my husband. Yeah...no. That's like someone saying Johnathan is reading Victorian Feminist literature because of me. No. This year I want to finish CS50. I want to finish Introduction to Linux. I want to start and finish my Python course.

What's the point of all this? I want to write for video games and while I know I can write no problem I think I should understand what goes on behind the shiny curtain. I want to understand how you get from code to pretty pixels on a screen.

2. Le chat et sur la table.

Oh French. I'm going to learn basic French this year come hell or high water. I know I can do this. I want to do this. And not just because of my job but because we live in Europe and while Johnathan speaks French (don't let him tell you otherwise!) I want to be able to order my own drink in France. I want to be able to read a sign in Geneva. I want to be able to say things that make sense rather than just cute phrases that people find entertaining. I've got two courses I've signed up for. One is for the basics (it starts with the alphabet) and the other is for conversation. So hopefully by the end of 2016 I will be able to say more than "I want my grapefruit" and "the cat is on the table."

3. Oh I'm so blogging about this!

I've been really slack with the blogging this year. Which was totally unintentional but blogging fell to the bottom of my priority list. So this year I'm going to schedule more posts. I'm going to actually take the time and plan things out a little bit like I use to. My blog planner will be back in full swing and I'm going to do some tinkering with my blogs design, make it a little more me.

4. Run like Ron Weasley runs from spiders.

Not bad for someone who kind of hates running
I took up running in 2015. While I'm still waiting for my OHEMGEE this is so amazing moment I do want to run more in 2016. Ever since I discovered virtual runs running has become more enjoyable still don't love it though. I do it, I complain about it, but I keep it up. Mostly because I like winning stuff. The Hogwarts Running Club has been great. Harry Potter, winning stuff, and making running less evil! Love. I also my first marathon (in stages, not all at once) through Make Yes Happen. I escaped the Shire! I am currently in the midst of the Elven dash which is the second part of their Lord of the Rings themed runs. Yes, running and fandom. This makes me happy. I managed a Mauraders Challenge medal this year means means I did more than half of their races (I did 4 out of 6.) My goal this year, be a perfect prefect...all 6 races. I've signed up for the first HRC run of the year the Molly Weasely Ugly jumper run and the Always 3.94 memorial run. So I'll continue to run like I'm late for potions class and maybe learn to hate it a little less this year.

5. Read ALL the books

I have a whole lot of books that I need/want to read. My focus this year will be reading my way through my to be read pile. I'll also be reading along with Emma Watsons' feminist book club Our Shared Shelf. I would like to read at least 50 books this year. John has reminded me that's not start 50 different books but actually finish 50 books. He may have a point.

6. The winner is me!

Wrist guard check!
Yes, yes winning isn't everything. But this year, I want the Bonebreakers to win a game. Just one. We have games and scrims planned. We've been invited to a tournament. We want to play one game internationally, which is easier when you're located in Europe. We had a rough patch but we're emerging from the fog united and looking for success. I have moved to a bigger coaching role which is really exciting but what I want most is for them to win a game this year. I want them to to be victorious. I want to watch that moment where they realize they scored more points than the other team.

7. Friend zone my phone.

I'm one of those people. I use my phone a lot. John hates it. I don't use it when we're having a conversation or some sort of interaction. I will use it on the train, while watching TV. While laying in bed in the morning...and at night. John much prefers my cross stitching habit because it means I'm not on the phone while we're watching something on TV. So yeah...phone...it's not you...it's me.

8. Become a master of the whole scarf.

I'm a knitter....kind of. I've got a few projects on the go. Half scarf, half infinity scarf, pretty wool for the yet to be created cover from our Windows Surface, other pretty wool for a TBD project. Yeah...I really should finish a knitting project. This is also something that will help me with number 7.

9. Writers gonna write write write.

As I mentioned in item 1 I want to write for video games eventually. Something I discovered during NaNoWriMo this year is that my fiction writing skills are rusty. I spend a lot of time doing non-fiction whether it's my blog, a freelance job or even the stuff that I do at work, my fiction game is weak!! So I've signed up for the Short Story Challenge which should be super interesting and perhaps the kick in the pants I need to switch gears to fiction writing. I'm also going to retake an online fiction writing course I started in the fall but it fell to the wayside because of work and derby and life and all those excuse. I've also promised John to actually use my office more. Yes, I have a room of ones own. That has gone into disuse because...well the TV is downstairs and I have a laptop and well...the couch is comfy. But what happens when you do that is that you don't do much writing actually. You do a lot of mindless surfing. I have hours of time in which I COULD be writing...when I'm not. I have a crap tonne of what I call "found time" that is just going to waste. So I'm currently working on building my writing schedule and relearning how to write fiction. And this will have a knock-on effect to my goal of wanting to write for video games. The better I get at fiction the better my chances of actually turning it into a career.

10. Celebrate good times

Who let those babies get married!?!?!?!
This year will mark 10 years of marriage on July 15 and 13 years of taking up space in each other's lives on July 23. July 31 will also mark 5 years of Swiss living.  John and I will be in Canada for our 10th anniversary (I guess the cats out of the bag...) because his brother is getting married the day after our anniversary. So as to what we're going to do, unfortunately it's not entirely up to us. As for the other dates, anything is possible. Sure I tried to convince John that we needed a bottle of champagne that was bottled the day we got married...but that didn't fly...he muttered something about spending CHF 200. But what ever we decide and where ever we are a celebration is in order. John and I made it to 10 years. Which is especially remarkable because just last year we didn't think we would. This leads me to wanting to celebrate the little things. Yes, big milestones are coming up. 2 years at my job, 5 years at his. 5 years living here. 10 years of marriage. 13 years as a couple. 7 years of roller derby. So much awesome. But in the midst of it I want us to remember to celebrate the little things like the end of the meeting sessions at work and the Bonebreakers first game in another country. Me finish my biggest freelance project ever and John passing another level in French. Oh how we will celebrate.

11. Clean up clean up everybody everywhere

I'm a "I'll get to it later" type of person. I always think "I'll do it later" when it comes to tidying up. Things tend to accumulate in places. John often complains about things in the couch...yeah well buy me a coffee table! But he's right I should just put stuff away. Mind you, so should be. We are masters of stashing things in other places stating we'll deal with it later. And we never do. I've started using a Lightening list. This is a list of those little 30 second tasks that really aren't impeding your life in anyway but really should get done. Like right now there are three Christmas decorations that should have been put away sitting on the stairs. They've been there for a week. John has a blind spot for stuff on the stairs. He just doesn't see this as the universal sign of "take this upstairs." I am stubborn and I will leave it there thinking eventually he'll get the hint, he goes upstairs far more than I do. So yeah...that's how you end up with Christmas decor sitting on the stairs for a week. So I will set a timer and just go through my lightening list. See how much I can get done in 30 minutes. It's a start. And yes, at some point this year I will read that tidying up book that everyone is raving about.

12. No, YOU decide

I make all food decisions in our home. ALL of them. Unless it has something to do with which Kebab place we're going to get our Durum from while we're in town. John just eats what I put in front of him and he is rarely consulted on meal plans or dinner ideas. I just do it because for me it's just easier. I know what he'll eat and what he won't eat (raw tomato on it's own is a fate worst than death for him.) But I'm going to try and make a real effort to let him make more food decisions. It's not that I don't allow him to, I just don't give him the opportunity to.


Our battle cry this year is debt-free in 2016. What no one tells you about moving overseas is that it's stupid expensive. Like obnoxiously expensive. So credit cards were used and a line of credit was used. And bad spending habits from our early marriage reared its ugly head. We spent a lot of time ignoring our money stuff in Canada while working on making sure our finances here were tip top. Pro tip: don't ignore debt. Just saying. All we have left is our line of credit to pay off. Our Canadian credit card was paid off ages ago and is rarely if ever used (mostly an emergency card) but our line of credit is still being dealt with. This year is the year we pay it off. Admittedly the absolutely terrible Canadian dollar right now is SUPER helpful to us as its CHF we're transferring home. But here's to being debt-free in 2016.

14. Now conjugate the verb

I speak way more German and I let on sometimes. Like way more German. As in fluent. As in grew in a house where German was the mother tongue for both my parents. BUT I get shy about it with the Swiss. I don't know why because when we travel to Germany I'm okay. I chat, I make small talk, I function totally fine. But when I'm in Switzerland I will speak German but I feel super self conscious about it. Not sure why. So this year I'm just going to put myself out there and just stop thinking and start speaking. I've also picked up a book to brush up on my German grammar. My written German is terrible!

15. Drink the cabinet dry

Before you start making recommendations for 12-step programs and worrying about my liver hear me out. We have a lot of stuff in our liquor cabinet. We also have an 18 bottle 2-zone wine fridge. Now what happens when you become an armchair mixologist is that you learn some classics, some basics and some fun stuff and then your booze collection explodes because you find yourself in the "oh...well I have all of the ingredients expect one." So you go buy that one ingredient and slowly your cabinet looks like you can open a speakeasy with a moments notice. John and I have resolved to finish what's there and then just stick to the idea of the 12 bottle bar of which we've found a few versions of so we'll have to create our own based on the idea. But with a few exceptions such as if I can get my hands on a bottle of Creme de Violette that stuff is coming home with me and we'll magically have a 13 bottle bar.

16. "That's the sound that happens before they announce the next stop on a train."

This one is a little silly but go with me. John bought me a ukulele while we were in Nuremberg. I want to learn how to play it. At the very least I want to learn at least one some what decent song on the ukulele this year. You know, something besides twinkle twinkle. As of right now I can play 1 chord, or as I told John I can play the next stop notification.

What do you want to accomplish in 2016?


Lauren said…
I love each and every item on this list! I can't wait to read about all your success! ~ L