How I know I married the right guy

I was 19 when I met Johnathan. I married him 3 years later. I'm 31 now. I'll let you do the math. We've been together for a while...and we're been married for more than a "little while." From day 1 he knew I didn't want to change my last name if I ever got married, that my weakness is chicken Mcnuggets and that I think cool ranch are the superior Doritos. I knew that he can't eat raw tomato just on its own, his favourite person in the world is baby sister Jackee and that he never cared if a woman changed her name when she got married or not. And from day 1 we let each other just be the person we are. As I told him on our first date, "if you can't handle me at my Animal, you can't have me at my Kermit."

Yes...I used a Muppet analogy...would you expect anything less?

The night Johnathan asked me to married him I knew I was making the right decision to say yes. Yes, the moment was amazing and fantastic and very us (he called me a jerk moments before he proposed) but I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I was making the right decision. I may have giggled like an idiot and forgotten to say yes at first but it has nothing to do with had everything to do with the moment. I knew I was saying yes to the right guy.


He lets me be smart.

I've always been the smart kid. But because of my gender outside my family smart and female wasn't always a good thing. In my family whenever someone told my mom or Daddy that I was pretty they always always always immediately replied with, "she's also very smart." I learned very early that looks while nice, smarts were nicer. I was very very very lucky to marry a man who agreed. 

In my teens I dated a guys who not only didn't appreciate that I could in fact be more intelligent but didn't actually like it. Or at the very least that's the impression he gave me. Then Johnathan happened. And suddenly my intelligence was not only valued like it was in my family but it was encouraged. The most attractive to him about me was and still is my brain.

Saying yes to a person who just lets me be me is one of the best decisions I ever made. He doesn't care if I know more about something than he doesn't. He gets excited when I know about something that he's into. He finds it endearing when I try to learn things that have been his domain for so long just so I can understand what the hell he's talking about. He doesn't bat an eye when I run rings around him logically.

He lets me be smart. And that reaffirms my decisions every day that I made the right decision.

I married the right guy.