A reintroduction: have you met Firmoo?

I was one of those kids who thought having glasses was cool. I always wanted to glasses. Yeah, I was a weird kid. My wish came true in my second year of University when I realized I couldn't make what was written on the board clearly. And I was in the front row. I also noticed in low light I had trouble seeing words clearly. Driving was no issue it was the street signs. Or if we were in a pub or restaurant with low lighting that was suppose to create ambiance or atmosphere (think the Keg and places of that ilk) I had trouble reading the menu so. So glasses I got.

Now, I don't have to wear them all the time. On my days off at home I generally don't wear them. But at work I do because well computer monitors and the hyper detailed work I do for a job (yup I know when you're used a 10 pt rather an a full return which is 12 pt) I wear my glasses. And I have been known to allow what  wear to dictate which glasses I wear because lets be honest my wire frame harry potter glasses don't look right with everything.

I've always been a sucker for fun glasses and Firmoo is rife with them!

I've reviewed Firmoo before and I am super excited to review them again. I find their site super user friendly. Like insanely user friendly. PLUS all my info was already on file from  my last order from them which meant I didn't have to reenter any information. Not my prescription, mailing address, nothing. It was all there already. Woohoo less time filling stuff out and more time falling down the hole of looking at amazing glasses.

There were lots of frames available some of them I had seen the last time I used their website but there were a lot of new ones to choose from as well! They update their site every day with new frames. Which is awesome if you're not like me and can be rendered indecisive very quickly when you see so much pretty and amazing.

This time around I not only played with their virtual look viewer but spent time looking at customer pictures. I got a really good idea of how certain styles would look on real people by doing this.

You can add things to your lenses as well. Blue light blocking, mirror finish, single vision bi focal. Heck, you can just get the frames with regular old glass in them without a prescription. I just got standard classes but the little upgrades don't cost too terribly much more.

After much back and forth and clicking and wondering and opening in new tabs I finally decided on these.

I love them. I've had cat eye glasses in the past so I fell in love with these instantly. Just as last time shipping was super fast. Also I should mention for my expat audience, I didn't need to pay any duty or taxes or any other extra fees on these. Bonus!

Thank you Firmoo for sponsoring this post. I was given one pair of glasses to try out, but I will not receive any compensation if you purchase your own pair after reading this review. But as a new customer you will get 15% off