Don't blink

Credit: YP. Lichtbilder
The picture above was taken on Saturday. It's my first epic jamming picture in 6 years of roller derby. And as much as I would like to be all "epic derby face!!" It's not. It's genetics. My face just looks like that when I'm hyper focused. Or about to kill my older brother. The picture has very little to do with this post other than to illustrate what I've been up to.

September has always been a rough blogging month for me in my 10+ years of blogging. I use to blame it on being in University. Then I blamed it on trying to get back into a non summer state of mind. Now I just blame it on it being my busy time of year for doing grown up responsible things. For whatever reason though I feel like I blinked and missed September completely.

So for your convenience here is a listicle type thing to help you get an idea of what I've been up to;


I'm in a good place with Derby right now. It likes me and I like it. Though it can be a fickle thing at the moment I'm in a happy groove with it. My bonebeakers are brilliant and I love them so. They make me laugh and love this sport in a way I've never loved it before. Also their willingness to be up with my weirdo Canadian-ness is always always amazing to me. I've also been guest skating for the Hellveticats to fill some holes left in their roster which has been great fun. And I'm going to be honest, it's been nice just being a skater for them. I was in Kaiserslautern with them recently, had a home game with this on Saturday and in November I'm off to Scotland with them. I also had the chance to attend a training day with the Team Australia head coach which was just fabulous. So much knowledge!!! I realized sometimes I've so focused on teaching that I forget to learn.

Yup, still only the worlds okayest derby coach


It's our meeting build up therefore there are about a million documents and people want them all yesterday. By Friday the entire typingpool is feeling pretty loopy. Random dance parties are not an uncommon occurrence to blow off steam. And you'll remember from the very few times I've actually talked about my job I've always stated my job and John's job very rarely collide.Well they did recently. I had to format a document he co-authored. Three days later I was ready to kill him or at the very least take away his Word privileges.

If you can't wear your Irregular Choice Panda heels to work where can you wear them?


11 days ago I got the following email from Elections Canada;
We are pleased to confirm that your Application for Registration and Special Ballot was approved and a special ballot voting kit was sent to your mailing address. 

We are also able to confirm that the organization for which you are employed – the Universal Postal Union – has been recognized as an organization for which exemption from the five year limit can be granted to Canadian electors living abroad. This status will be maintained in your file for future reference in any upcoming elections and by-elections.
That's right. We did it. We are exempt from the 5-year rule.  There are still many many many many Canadians who can't vote in this election which is just ridiculous. But this is a major deal. As a coworker mentioned, "you affected change with the feds, that's nothing to be modest about."


When 2015 started I stated this would be the year where I was selfish. This was the year I was going to take back my time and stop saying yes to everything. I would just do what I needed to do to focus on me and what I want out of life. I've been going to the gym...even on my day off (my gym is 2 blocks from work.) I've been running, though I'm still waiting for that moment of "oh my god I love this" while running. Mostly it's still "oh my god I hate this!" but I can't deny it's not doing good things for me. I've been lifting weights which has been interesting and fun. Interesting because it's something new and fun because when else would this workout shirt be more appropriate?

purchased from
I've been taking care of me more. I've been doing creative things and making an effort to make our apartment look more like a home than just two expats who happen to live here.

I've been novel planning. As in seriously novel planning. With NaNoWriMo is coming up I think I'm going to take a stab at writing an actual first draft of something rather than just a silly throw away thing. Also, I'll be writing it on my typewriter. Yeah...that should be interesting. I have new ribbon coming in the mail (yes you can still get ribbon for typewriters.) We'll see how this goes. I have no idea if I will make the covet 50,000 words but I do want to try but with the meetings and a derby trip right in the middle of it all this could get interesting.

Basically what this listicle is trying to say is, I've been just living and enjoying myself in the process. Which means sometimes that doesn't mean I blog as much and I've come to accept that. Which isn't to say I don't have anything to blog about. There is plenty of stuff always going on in my head that would make a pretty decent blog post. So hopefully as the weather turns gross (yeah no one ever talks about the fact that fall in Switzerland means stupid amounts of rain) I will be blogging more and finally clear all the draft posts I have.