Because obviously the killer was behind the door

When John gets home from mission I generally spend most of it asleep. Yeah, wife of the year right here. The reason for that is because I don't sleep well when John is away. Not in the "oh I miss my husband" can't sleep kind of way. Again, wife of the year. It's more in the "things go bump in the night and John can't scare away the monsters under the bed." can't stay asleep. So when he gets home I catch up on my sleep. So we're talking 9 plus hours a night plus usually a nap or two.

Johns snoring usually covers most of the weird night time noises. Now I'm not suggesting he snores as in nasal strip commercial but more in a ambient noise snoring. I can live with it. I will take his snoring over his talking in his sleep any day (that's a whole different post.)

Something you should also know is that we're in the middle of a heatwave. And we don't have air conditioning...oh and we live in the top floor. So I have a fan on while I sleep and this has been a nice snoring substitute since John left.

Except last night.

At about 4:30 this morning, half asleep I heard a door creek. And I figured I was half asleep so it was probably just something in my brain. Then I heard it creek again.


And then one more time.

Cue "whatsthatwhatsthatwhatsthatwhatsthat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I leap from my bed (my Uncle Traveling Matt Fraggle clutched in my hands because you know he'll protect me) and look around in the dark, heart ready to leap out of my chest (note to self check heart rate on fitbit charge.) I quickly put together that the oscillating fan was moving the door. So I push the door back. But I've watched WAY to many episodes of Criminal Minds to know that this wasn't quite over.

I thought a moment and then turned on the light and checked behind the door.

As one does.

Because that's where serial killers hide. Of course.

I turned out the light and went back to bed for a few more hours safe in the knowledge there were no serial killers behind my bedroom door.