Have you met Firmoo?

I've worn glasses since my second year of University. We figured there might be a problem when from the front row of the Restoration Lit class I was finding the chalkboard to be a bit blurry. Still legible but blurry. Then my mom noticed I was having trouble reading street signs without squinting when it was slightly dark out. Then John and I went to The Keg at some point and due to their low lighting to create ambiance I couldn't read the menu very well. So off to the eye doctor I went and glasses I did receive. My first pair were the ones in the top left of the picture. My most recent pairs are the ones down the right side of the picture. I also have a pair of prescription Ray ban sunglasses kicking around some where as well. I couldn't find them for the picture...I think they're in my purse. And as John always says, if I want to ever seen something again, don't put it in my purse.

A few months ago I was approached by Firmoo to review a pair of glasses. This was rather timely because I had just purchased a pair of glasses (the gold framed Harry Potter-esque ones on the right) so my prescription was up to date and I have always wanted to try ordering glasses online but I was always very hesitant.

The first thing I noticed about their website that I liked was how user friendly it was. Like super user friendly. I also liked that they have a virtual look viewer. Upload a picture of yourself and try on glasses. How cool is that?

These are the glasses I ended up getting. It was love at first sight to be honest. There were so many choices though, a lot of which I know I would have loved but I kept coming back to them. The actual ordering was super easy just make sure you have your prescription handy. The nicest part I thought was that they explained everything every step of the way. Which was particularly awesome when it came to measuring your pupil distance.

They are super lightweight which is a big difference from what I usually wear. They are also so different from my usual plastic frames. They are great construction as well. Plus I find they really elevate my usual vintage dress sense to a new level. Which may or may not have played a part in why I got them to begin with.

The shipping was super fast as well. And I was imformed about every step of the process which was actually really great. From order to shipping to an email to double check to make sure they arrived.

Overall Firmoo took the fear out of ordering glasses online. I also think it's a great option if you're on a tight budget. The Firmoo glasses were substancially less in price than the glasses I got recently. So not only will your eyes thank you for the cool specs but your pocket book will as well.

Thank you Firmoo for sponsoring this post. I was given one pair of glasses to try out, but I will not receive any compensation if you purchase your own pair after reading this review. But as a new customer you will get 15% off. 


Jenn in Yverdon said…
Just curious... Did you have to pay extra fees for duty taxes or import to Switzerland? I'm tempted, but don't want to end up paying more in fees than for the glasses (it's happened...)
Tatiana said…
I didn't actually which was GREAT. But I totally hear you about the extra duty on stuff coming to Switzerland. I've had to pay fees like that more times then I care to count.
Jenn in Yverdon said…
Great! Eye doctor appointment booked in a few weeks time.... Maybe I'll give it a try!