Blog everyday in May Day 3: My travel bucket list

Since moving overseas we've managed to check off several travel items on our respective bucket lists. John travels way more than I do thanks to his job and he goes to some pretty amazing place like Madagascar, Lesotho, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Signapore, Qatar....all for work because well his job is kind of awesome. In December my future sister-in-law Jen asked John what was the most surprising place he's been to so far. His answer...all of them.  Admittedly when he's in these places he doesn't see much because well work. But sometimes...just sometimes he gets to go to traditional Bengali wedding, feed lemurs or get bitten by a lion....cub.

As for me I've seen places I've only read about in books like our recent trip to Dublin. I've taken John places that I love with all my heart like Berlin and London. I've explored Paris and learned Polish history with a good friend as tour guide in Krakow. I've got a trip to London planned this summer to see my parents and Croatia next year with my bestie and Paris in August with my goddaughter,

As for my bucket's pretty simple because let's be honest I just want to go every where. But some of the highlights would be;


We work with A LOT of people from Spain. We've kind of fallen in love with the idea of this country thanks to our coworkers.

Other parts of France

We have a lot of friends of France and we really want to explore a lot of the places they're from or places they recommend.


This has been on my bucket list even before we moved to Europe. I can't explain why or what for but I just want to go to Greece.

Any place John has been for work.

Did you see that list?! It's a pretty awesome list and it's not even a complete list. He's been some pretty amazing places and I really want to see some of these places. And if I come a long at least he'll see more than a hotel room and an office building.


  1. I'm with you, I just want to go everywhere! It's so hard to pick what goes at the top.


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