Blog everyday in May: Day 1 introduce yourself

What's that? I'm going to try to blog every day in May? Yup. We'll see how this goes. The challenge was created by fellow expat Belinda at Found Love, now what? I'm excited...and terrified but when I reviewed her daily prompts I figured, I got this...or at least most of this. So here we go.

I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you
Hi I'm Tatiana. I was born in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and I currently call Berne, Switzerland home. I married a boy from a town of 200 people I had never heard of when we met. We've been overseas for almost 4 years now and as of right now we're perfectly content with being here for the foreseeable future.

I come from a family of classic over achievers. My Dad is a PhD who recently got a textbook writing contract from the Oxford University Press. My Mom went back to University in her 50's and has pretty much hugged every tree from here to Torbay, Newfoundland and beyond. Also her mom skills are so profound that I changed what I was wearing yesterday because I could just hear her in my head going, "Tania...that's a little low cut for work." My older brother, a pilot. Yup, that he's one of those people who said at 5-years-old what he wanted to be and he went out and did it.

Oh yeah...majority of my family calls me Tania. Johnathan and his family call me Tatiana. My parents call me Weeds. Johnathan calls me "my dear" or "hey you other there with the martini shaker in your hand" or "Snarky von Sarcastic Much"

I'm also Jam Buster. I play roller derby. Yes...roller derby. Yes, it's real. No it's not wrestling on wheels and yes we get hurt. I've been playing since 2009 but my history in roller derby goes way back to my grandmother. She loved roller derby. Old School fake, bank track, Skinny Minnie and Anne Cavello roller derby. I'm currently the co-trainer for the Bonebreakers Roller Derby Bern. But I owe my start in the sport to the Winnipeg Roller Derby League. I'm the former coach of Team Switzerland. We went to the 2014 roller derby world cup and places 27th in the world. Not bad for a group of first timers. I stepped down a few month ago. I needed to reclaim some of my time and I just needed to focus on me for a little bit.

I work for an UN org. As does my husband. That's what brought us to this beautiful, crazy, wonderful country.

 Speaking for my husband. I married him in 2006 a few months after I graduated from University. John wasn't what I wanted. He was what I needed which to be is far more important. Is he my soulmate? No. Best friend? No. Does he complete me? HELL NO. But he is the person I want to spend as much time with as possible for as long as possible having adventures.

That being said I do have a soulmate. Her name is Jamie and she is a superhero. And my best friend and the mother of my godchildren. I met her about 5 minutes before I met John. For us it was in fact love at first sight. She and I plan to be bitter old ladies together with cats. We also plan to cackle our way into our twilight years swilling martini's being a burden to her children.

I am a lover of reading and typewriters. Old cameras and Star Wars. I've been a struggling novelist for the last 4 years and an avid blogger who likes to hear themselves talk for over 10. I like to think I'm a good gardener and I'm a pretty damn good cook. Yoga makes me feel happy and running is a chore but I do it. Speaking for chores I love doing laundry but I actually hate putting clothing away.


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