500 posts later

The Dubious Hausfrau goes to Washington DC circa 2010 about 2 months before this blog was created.
Late one night in July I started this blog. I started this blog because I was tired, burnt out and looking for something to fill my time as I tried to figure out what to do with myself. I had just quit my job with no plan. I had never done that before. When ever I changed jobs everything was sorted so I would just go from one job to another. But I needed to walk away from my job. I had to. I was done. The day I started working where I did I had promised myself the moment I stopped caring, I needed to walk away. Two years later I did. I worked at a wish granting organization (not the one you're probably thinking) we had lost another wish kid. And I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing. So I walked away.

This blog came out of an extreme fit of bravery and a very dark place.

At the beginning the blog really didn't have a focus. Well I didn't have a focus so it would make sense that this blog was a little all over the place. I chose the name based on the sheer hilariousness of the situation. I was not a house wife. Which to a lot of people in our life seemed incredibly ridiculous. Dubious even. But there I was blogging about laundry, our cat Dylan and making cheese.

Exactly a year after I started this blog we left Canada for what started out as 3 year adventure in Switzerland. We were moving to Switzerland. The focus of my blog was handed to me. It crashed into our lives at 6 am one morning at the end of June when John declared we were moving and I declared I was going to throw up.

My blog quickly became a place for me to tell our family and friend and community back home that we were okay. It also quickly became a place for me to vent my spleen about being an expat and a trailing spouse. Heck this blog even attracted the attention of Canadian Tire. This blog became a place where I could figure myself out again and this crazy weird expat thing.

I'm still figuring out this expat thing and I have this place to write about it. Even if occasionally I don't blog about that at all. Sometimes it's roller derby...other times...letters I'll never send. But the one thing that always is at the root of this blog that this is just me trying to figure stuff out.

I haven't been blogging a lot this year. The reason? I made a promise to myself when John and I rang in the new year with John in Winnipeg that I was going to be more selfish with my time. I needed to to take time and just focus on me. I've missed blogging. A lot. I never truly realized how much part of me this blog has become. So I'll still be selfish in other aspects of my life (I'm still trying to find the words to explain what this means in a blog post) I am really going to try to blog more.

So here's to 500 more posts.