The Husband speaks 2: electric boogaloo

2 years ago today I interviewed the husband for my blog...and when I say interview I mean he answered questions under duress. In the last interview I let him talk about himself a lot. He explained his job, some of the places he's traveled and a few other things. Today however I'm going to be a total spotlight hog and ask him questions about me, which I'm sure will lead to hilarity...or tears...

Psssst...can I interview you for my blog?
If you must.....

So.....I’m just going to ask you a few questions....Do you need another drink?
That would probably help.'re serious...*goes off to make two Hemingway Daiquiris.* 

What is the best part about being married to me?
...*silence*....*heavy sigh*...probably your humility...

What is the worst part about being married to me?
Being at ground zero when hurricane Tatiana hits town.

What is my most annoying habit?...and saying this interview doesn't count.
Um....stopping doing something half way through to go off and do something else.

I'm surprised you didn't say coffee mug troll.
That's actually included in that.

In your opinion what is the best adventure we've had so far?
*takes a long sip of his drink and looks into the middle distance*...I really don't know I suspect we haven't had it yet...although going to Rome on 1 days notice is probably up there.

When you travel for work, what is the thing you miss most about me?
Your enthusiasm for new experience because most of the time I don't do a lot of things because of well working and a lot of the time when I do see something I think it would be better if you were here to see it.

Conversely what do you miss the least about me?
Your frustration at my very existence.

What's one country you've been to that you would take me to in a heart beat?
Kenya and South Africa...and I think you would find a lot of enjoy in those places.

What is your best top tip for traveling with your significant other without killing them?
Remembering you're both on the same team and you don't necessarily have to have the same plan but you should have the same budget.

If I were to make you one cocktail for the rest of our marriage what would it be?
These days it kind of has to be the martini.

Why do you think after all this time together we haven't killed each other?
Neither of us likes cleaning blood stains off the floor.

Lightening round!!! Let's do some word association!!!!




which one?


which one.....*laughs*





What do yo think of my relationship with my best friend?

Any closing comments?
Try the veal!

You think you're cute don't you?
I KNOW I'm cute

Thank you for humoring me.
Bullshit...oh wait are we done the word association?


Unknown said…
"Your frustration at my very existence." Haha, his answers were great! Definitely had me giggling.