A love letter to our Swiss life

The view from our balcony that we have yet to get sit of
It wasn't love at first sight. No. It was abject terror and confusion and doubt. But our love grew as we got to know each other.

It was love at first piece of Cailler.
Love at first sunrise over the mountains.
Love at finding out what raclette was
Love at schoggi banana eaten fast I forgot to breath.

It was love the first time I saw the baby eating statue...and the skeleton of an elephant the Bernese killed with a canon and Barry the St. Bernard.

I fell hard for the food stalls at the market, the gluhwein in the winter and the confetti during the Onion festival. Though the roasted chestnut stands I can do without...it smells a little bit too much like burnt toast for this Canadian kid.

Your reliable public transportation makes my heart go pitter pat and your devotion to making sure things are just so make me knees weak. Be still my fondue loving heart.

You won me over the your charm and cheap wine. Your beer that most people would call "micro brews" but you just call it "the local beer...that we've brewed longer than your home country has been a country..."

I love that you make to sense to me in some weird inexplicable way but still make me want to pull my hair out some days....but not during 12:00 and 13:00 that's ruhstunde.


Sandy said…
That's a beautiful view!