Spend some time with John and Tatiana

T: I got a shoulder to the jaw at practice yesterday.
J: Did you deserve it?
T: NO!
J: Did you do a long endurance drill?

T: *rummaging through my purse*
J: I told you not to put things in there if you ever want to see them again.

J: What are you looking for?
T: My sweater with the big skull on it.
J: Seriously, Tatiana....you're going to have to be more specific than that....that could any number of your sweaters.

T: What time do you want to eat dinner?
J: I don't know...why?
T: I need to know so I know when to start marinading the duck breast in Armangac...yes I'm fully aware of how pretentious that just sounded.

*At Disneyland Paris*
T: OMYGODITSREMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J: Please don't knock over any little kids. Remember you're bigger than they are.

*Standing in line at the Rockin' Rollercoaster about to get on.*
T: I'm afraid of rollercoasters.
J: And you choose NOW to tell me?
T: It never came up.
J: Oh when I said, "hey Tatiana let's go ride the rockin' rollercoaster" wasn't a good time to mention it!??

T: I really should replace that cocktail glass I broke.
J: How about we organize that dinner party we were talking about and then I'll let you buy 3 so we'll have 6.
T: let me?
J: "Let" was maybe the wrong word to use.

*walking back to the building after the fire drill at work*
J: I don't get why we have to do this. I've known how to leave a building in case of fire since kindergarten.
T: Do we all have to go home now and draw our families fire escape plan complete with meeting point by a large tree?
J: *laughs so hard no sound comes out.*

*Looking halloween pictures on instagram*
T: Well isn't he just the cutest little dinosaur!!!
J: Ahem....I believe you mean second cutest.