21 days

Let me give you a quick run down of what our time at home looks like;

And that's just December. We haven't even THOUGHT about January yet. And I know some of my Winnipeg friends and family are reading this going..."um when are you coming to see us?!" Here's the answer, I don't know. And at this point John and I can't talk about it without fighting. We fight more about our trip home than anything right now. Honestly, I could tell him I dropped my derby gear bag on his laptop and destroyed it beyond repair and that the hard drive was totally unsalvageable and we wouldn't fight nearly as much about that as we do about who we're going to see when and on what date and where are we going to be when.

John and I are only half joking when we say the following, "planning a visit home when you're an expat is the fastest way to spent a lot of money and disappoint half of the people you know."

A trip home is the epitome of #expatproblems.

Now don't get me wrong, we're excited about going back to Canada. We're excited about seeing friends and family. We're excited for Christmas and joy and twinkly stuff and awesomeness. We're happy to be home for the first time in 2.5 years.

What we hate is planning the actual trip.

Let me give you a comparison. The amount of time between our engagement and our wedding day was 4 months and 14 days (no I didn't know that off the top of my head, I had to look it up.) We planned an entire wedding in that time. Planning our entire wedding in that time was far easier than planning our trip home. As stressful as planning a wedding can be an expat planning a trip home makes wedding planning look like date night. There's flights and schedules and hotels and family members in different Provinces and people going on vacation and others insisting we come and see them even though they haven't spoken to us in over a year. There are those who like to play the numbers game with us saying well there is more of them therefore they get more of our time. Then there are those who we desperately want to see but probably can't make it work. There is luggage to consider, Christmas presents to source in Canada because jebus knows I'm not bringing them from here and our own sanity to take into consideration.

This is hard.

And a few things are inevitable;

Someone is going to be disappointed they didn't see us. We're going to be disappointed we didn't see someone. Others will think we didn't spend enough time with them and conversely we will think we spent way to much time in one place when we could have been in another. We will reconnect with our community of people at home and we will be exhausted but happy. Very happy. Tired...so tired...but happy.


Unknown said…
Gah, I don't envy you! That is an insane schedule! Hopefully it all works out and you guys are able to relax when you get back to Canada and enjoy the holidays :)
Holy good grief. I felt a wave of exhaustion just *looking* at your calendar.