The one big roller derby post

He's cheering for the coach apparently

For some time now I've been going back and forth about how much I should be posting about roller derby. While roller derby takes a up a huge amount of my life I don't want this to turn into a derby blog because trust me, I could blog about derby a lot. So I've decided I will do one post about what going on as of right now in my derby life and then we'll leave it at that until maybe after the roller derby world cup in December.

When I reentered the world of roller derby I swore to myself I wouldn't let it eat my life this time. I would also do my best to keep my derby life and my private life separate. Which means John is kept out of it to a large degree. He is a saint when it comes to being a derby widow but I would rather not fill his life with derby. I'll just fill mine. This way he can just resent me...not the entire concept of roller derby. He'll always come before derby though. He has to. Because without him there would be no Jam Buster in a lot of ways. The bonebreakers gave him his own derby name recently, Block Buster. I fell hard for that derby name for him. Seriously. It's genius. And a delightful throwback to a now defunct movie rental chain.

There are days where I send nothing but derby related emails, texts and fb posts. There are days where I feel like all I do is roller derby schtuff on top of all the other schtuff I need to get done in a day. BUT the biggest difference this time around is my ability to step back. I was incapable of doing that before because I got it into my head that if I didn't constantly stay on top of things everything would fall apart.

This time around I'm trusting the process. And I'm trusting myself.

The Bonebreakers in Bern, they are good for my derby soul. They make me laugh hysterically at every practice. Their passion and love for this sport is incredible and they are just a joy to be around.  They have become some of the closest friends I have in Switzerland and for that I will be forever grateful. 

Coaching a national team has been the only thing harder than playing roller derby I've ever done. These women are incredible. I am so humbled and so privilaged that they trust me to take them to world cup in December. These women are making history and it's truly a remarkable thing to be part of. They won their first scrimmage last weekend. I couldn't be more proud if I tried. They have pushed me to be a better coach, a better player and a better leader. They are making me a better everything and they are making me work for it which I don't think they'll ever totally understand how much I appreciate it. Or how much I appreciate them.

And now for the how you can help the national team portion of this blog knew this was coming.

You can follow us on the following social media:


There's also our team Indiegogo campaign which has been going well but we would LOVE to not only meet our goal but surpass it.

And finally...our thunderclap...I know what you're thinking, "Tatiana....what the hell is thunderclap?" I have to say it's probably one of the coolest social media innovations I've seen in a while. They call it "crowdspeaking" and its a way to get your message out in one fell swoop! Get enough people to support your message through the Thunderclap website and they'll all tweet it out or post it on FB or reblog it on Tumblr all at once on the same day at the same time. PLUS you don't have to actually do the tweeting, posting or reblogging. Thunderclap does it for you.

So basically if we get 100 supporters. And all 100 supporters have 500 friends/followers/whatever our indiegogo link will be see by 50,000 people. AMAZING! Our message is that we need help getting to Dallas and every donation, not matter how big or small will help us get there.

We need 100+ supporters in 12 days. So if you can't give money I would love a pledge to send out our message that we're trying to the Roller Derby World cup in Dallas and we need as much help as possible. It will send out a link to our indiegogo. All it takes is a few clicks. 

And so ends the promo portion of this blog post!


Unknown said…
Oooh pleeeaaase keep us updated! I need to know if you'll be at the world cup!
Tatiana said…
I'm totally going to be at the World Cup Megan! Flights booked, roster made, outfit for looking like a head progress.
Jaim said…
And I will be watching!