I hate you the least

My first official date with Johnathan was on his birthday. It was the first time I had met any of his friends and, I think, the first time I had ever been in a bar (for the record I was 19.) I didn't drink. At all. Also I didn't buy Johnathan a present. And it's a good thing I didn't because how could I have topped the pith helmet his roommate got him.

He did however teach me how to play darts that night.

Today while looking at the boy I moved half way across the world with eating a salad sitting across from me on the roof top terrace we have at work I couldn't believe how far the boy who bought me a TERRIBLE cocktail (still don't actually know what the hell was in it) on that first date has come.

The roof of a UN department is a long ways away from the kitchsy British/Irish/Scottish pub in Brandon Manitoba.

Johnathan was actually suppose to be a summer fling. He was a rebound boyfriend. He was the polar opposite of what I thought I wanted in someone to have a relationship with. Turns out, he's exactly what I needed in a "other half." He's exactly what I was looking for, I just didn't realize it then. He wasn't suppose to be the boy I would one day marry.

Our relationship wasn't suppose to last. It just wasn't. We weren't in for forever we were in it until we just couldn't stand each other anymore. 

But he did this thing...this thing that I hate. He made me fall in love with him. It doesn't help that when you're around him you get sucked into this Johnathan vortex of charming that is hard to crawl out of. I fell in love with a boy who had the guts to make big plans and achieve them. I fell in love with a boy who knew there was something big out there waiting for him but he had to work at it to get not just wait for it to happen. I fell in love with a boy who insisted on challenging me. Challenging everything I had ever believed in. Not always because we always had opposing views but because that was his idea of fun.

I fell in love with a boy who refused to park in my parents driveway because he hadn't been given permission to do so.

I fell in love with a boy who hates a fuss on his birthday. So that's exactly what he's getting and what he got last year. No fuss. No cake. Just a present and a card. Later dinner with a friend. That's it. No fuss. It's probably a better gift for him than the fancy cheese knives I got him.

We've spent 11 of his birthdays together and we're hoping for many many many more...or at least until we can't stand each other anymore.