My social media scarf

Back in April I took up two new hobbies. Cocktail making and knitting. I discovered that knitting was hard. 

But I've slowly learned stuff and I've learned that it can be pretty fun.

I'm still pretty basic at it. I mostly knit and purl because well I still struggle with that lets be honest but it's all becoming a little more consistent. YAY!

The other day I was looking for knitting projects. Something easy still but something that wasn't just knitting squares either. I some how found these conceptual knitting projects. Now you don't have to buy their yarn kit. You can just use your own yarn. It's the concept that's pretty cool.

I'm making a social knitwork scarf. Yup, you read that properly. A social knitwork scarf.

I'm making a scarf and I'd like your help determining the design! All I need you to do is pick one of my 4 colors and tell me why. You can pick your color for lots of different reasons: maybe the color reminds you of a story, idea or curious fact? I will knit your color choices into my scarf by making stripes that match your color choices. 

Submit your choice in the comment section. I will knit a stripe for each comment in the order that I receive them. I can wear this scarf for years to come and think of all of you.

Yup, an audience participation scarf. 

I posted a graphic on my personal facebook page earlier today and got a lot of awesome responses already. The first stripes colour was actually chosen by my niece *cue collective awwwwwwwwww.* My bestie Jamie chose red because it's her favourite colour. Another friend chose the grey because it reminded her of her first childs nursery that she poured her heart and soul into. My Aunt chose the turquoise because my other aunt looks good in that colour. 

So choose a colour, tell my why and I'll put it in my scarf. 


I pick blue! It's my eldest daughter's favourite colour. What a fun project!
Unknown said…
Grey because it reminds me of rainy days in Alaska when I went on a mission trip!
Dani said…

I pick Orange. Orange accents in Bee's bedroom, and the colour of tigerlilies... ;)