Life is Good Monthly Link Up

Found Love. Now What?

Yay a new month and that means its time for the Life is Good link up with Found love, now what.

The purpose of this link up is to reflect on the big things and little things that were
awesome from the previous month. You know those moments where you say to yourself, "oh this is good."

My parents were here for their annual visit.

We visited St. Beatus Caves and I got to see the information boards I translated in the winter.

John came home from South Africa in one piece

So much roller derby. I played in my first scrim in 3 years. It's hard to scrim sometimes
when you're coaching so this was just a joy. Plus we had our first Team Switzerland practice.
AND my team took their first road trip to do a mixed scrim in Geneva.

John took his official A1 french test and felt pretty good about it.

Rather than running around running errands and such a few weeks ago on a Saturday
John and I opted to do nothing. We wandered about town just spending time together.
We don't get to do that a lot of this was ridiculously awesome.

My goddaughter completed her goal of reading 1000 books (she's 6 by the way.)

My second Guinness World record certificate arrived in the mail for my participation in
GISHWHES Hugs the World 2013

I registered for GISHWHES again!!! If you're interested in joining my team
this year just email me at thedubioushausfrau at gmail dot com.

Went to the dentist for the first time in a long time and got lots of good news.
Except that apparently I have short teeth....hmmmmm.

Did my medical for my job and got lots of good news there too.
Except that I have hard to find I have a complex.

I got the BEST package from my bestie.

John signed his contract for three more years. I signed my three year contract.
June 30th will now be known as The Great Assigning Day.

I had a lot of really great conversations with a lot of my favourite people.

Yoga. Lots of yoga.

We realized our finances are in such good shape we got me a real "grown up" cell phone.
With a contract. No more pay as you go for me!

My writers block/blogger block/creativity block seemed to go away.

Watching John become a big pile of happy while skyping with his sister and nieces.

Furthermore watching John's heart explode when he saw a picture of his godson Tater
"reading" a book by his favourite author Terry Pratchett.


  1. You have had a great month. Your god-daughter makes my heart smile. Amazing! :-)

  2. What a great month you've had! I love that you had such an amazing parcel from home, it must feel great to get such personal parcels. Also, I love the idea of just taking a day to wander and do no jobs - great idea!

  3. This all sounds very exciting. You seem to be adjusting really well. I'll be back to read more! :-)


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