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Found Love. Now What?

I use to do link ups all the time when I first started down the road of promoting my blog more seriously. They are one of the best ways to meet other bloggers or get new readers. But for a long time I really felt like a lot of them didn't apply to me. I'm not mom, I'm not a food blogger, I'm not a fashion blogger, I'm not good at remember what day of the week is which link up (despite the fact there is a spot in my blog planner for that kind of thing.) So I kind of gave them a miss for a really long time.

I've been reading Found Love, Now What for a while now, it's a great expat blog. She recently announced her new "Life is Good" link up. Basically on the first of the month you reflect on the little things and the big things that made the previous month amazing. You know everyday things that made things just a little extra awesome. Or maybe even the big things that rocked your world. Oh how I liked that.  

So with that here are some of my "Life is Good" moments from May:

- Sunday evening dinner on a bench waiting for the train to derby with my friend Daria.

-  Accepted a three year contract with the UPU.

- John's contract renewal process being officially underway.

- A new batch of freshmeat graduated!!!!

- Celebrated my moms birthday with her in Milan.

- Pretty summer evening sunsets on our balcony.

- Hilarious videos of my nieces my sister-in-law posted on my facebook wall.

- late night iMessages from my bestie.

- iMessages from my goddaughter where she calls me "anty tana".

- Watching hilariously ridiculous B movies with my husband.

- Celebrating 5 years of playing roller derby.

- I made perogies for the first time all by myself.

- Laughing until no sound comes out at derby practice playing hot dog tag.

- the marching band that suddenly appeared playing Summer of  69'
at the party in the building across from us.

- Trips to the garden center.

- Our busted window finally got fixed!!


- My godson asking if he can ride his bike to Switzerland.


  1. Love! I'm doing this link up too. It's so nice to focus on the small, positive moments. Looking forward to reading your monthly updates. :-)



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