Mission Accomplished: 100 happy days

On January 19th I asked, can I be happy 100 days in a row. Turns out I can be. YAY for completing an instagram photo challenge.

At the beginning it felt a little like a chore I'll be honest. Then life got really crazy busy for me and it felt even more like a chore. Just another thing on my "to do" list that needed a check mark next to it. Then life calmed down and I got into a rhythm and posting a picture with the hashtag 100 happy days became just part of my daily routine. I liked that. I only had one hiccup throughout the whole 100 days which is pretty impressive. And it was a minor hiccup when our internet went down at home and then when we got that back up and running our wifi didn't like my ipod. Again this was a fairly minor issue in the grand scheme of things. Hell, it was barely an issue at all.

I noticed there is a bit of a pattern with what makes me happy. I'm happy with
- food
- wine
- coffee
- roller derby
- where we live
- shoes
- small moments

You know the basic things that should make most people happy. And I think that the best thing I learned too. Happy isn't always the big things.  Happy is sometimes getting an iMessage from your goddaugter where she spells auntie wrong (anty.) It's not always your 30th birthday it's sometime a grilled cheese sandwich.

So here is what the last 100 days of happiness looked like.


Kristin said…
That's awesome! Well done!