I made it!

Wow...I'm 30...weird. Which means my 30 before 30 list has come to an end. Huh. I managed to accomplish 25 things on my list. Not bad for starting it with a little over a year to go before turning 30.

Let's have one last look at what I accomplished most recently.

6. Master my Holga and Polaroid.

Yeah yeah I still shoot film. Why? Because that's how I learned photography and there is something wonderfully deliberate about it. Anyway, after I remembered to keep my Polaroid film in the fridge things went much better. As for my holga, still learning but I think I've figured out its quirks.

10. Look fabulous at 30.

A few weeks before I turned 30 (the Valentines Day weekend actually) I bought a swimsuit. Not just any swimsuit but a two piece. John and I were at a mall in France. We discovered our hotel had a sauna but we had no swimsuits so we headed off to the mall. Yes...a mall. We haven't been to a mall in ages (expat living indeed.) I kind of fell in love with it on the hanger....then I tried it on. And then I fell in love with me. I've never felt that way about me in a swimsuit. John can count on one hand how many times in 10 years he's seen me in a swimsuit. I just don't do it. I just can't...actually...I couldn't. But now...now I think I can.

11. Buy a designer something.

Not shoes!! No really. I didn't buy shoes!! Nope. I bought perfume. Not just any perfume. THE perfume. Chanel No 5. Yes the perfume Marilyn Monroe so famously wore to bed. I bought it at the duty free in Nantes France moments before our flight started to board. It's a smell that's vaguely familiar to me. My moms mother use to wear it apparently. I wouldn't remember this, I was to young when she passed but I know I know the smell. And I love it. I was standing waiting to board our flight home and I turned to John and said, "had I been told that one day I would have a Chanel shopping bag in hand while waiting to board a flight back to Switzerland from a weekend in France I would have thought they were insane."

20. Shop my closet for 30 days. 

I had my reservations about this. Mostly I was afraid I would get lazy and just wear a lot of the same stuff. And sure I did but I managed to make it look slightly different when I needed to. And I have a lot better idea of what I have rather than assuming I just don't have something. For my birthday I didn't buy a whole new outfit. I bought a shirt that I fell in love with but knew that I had PLENTY of things to pair it with because of this exercise. I was pretty proud of myself.

Now what? I don't know. I might do a 40 before 40. Not sure yet. I'm still going to try and complete the last five things on my list before the year is out. Maybe I'll find another arbitrary goal in an arbitrary number of days. Not sure.

What am I sure of? 30 is kind of awesome. So far anyway. And it looks like it will continue being pretty awesome. Will I be more grown-up in my 30's? Have more random act of adulthood? Nope. Probably not. Here's to being 30, accomplishing stuff, throwing an awesome birthday party and so many many many more adventures!!