I've always prided myself on being one of those bloggers who didn't apologize profusely for not blogging because let's be honest in the grand scheme of things me not blogging is the least of my readers worries.

So you won't find an apology here just a list of excuses.

February has always been a rough month for me for some reason. Aside from the fact that death seems to gallop through my family this time of year already sours my opinion of February to begin with. Rest assured no one in my family has met the choir eternal this month but a previous February spent sitting in a hospital room waiting for someone to stop breathing has coloured my opinion of this month in general.

Or maybe it's because it's a short month so just as I'm getting a hang of the thing it's practically over. So I never really feel like I'm on top of everything like I do during other months.

I also gave myself permission not to blog if I didn't feel like it this month. Real life right now is chaotic enough without throwing blogging into it. Between derby (Team Switzerland was officially accepted to go the World Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and work and trying to have some semblance of a social life blogging had to be put on pause for a little bit. Look at me trying to have a work/life/blogging balance.

If you're following me on Instagram you might of seen a few illusions to me getting a new job. Yup, I did. I now work where John works. Yup, this dubious hausfrau is an employee of a department of the UN. Take that people who thought this weird high schooler wouldn't amount to much. I'll spare you the long details but suffice to say the work is interesting, I like it and I like the people I'm working with.

What department are you working for your dubiousness?

Glad you asked. Official title is the English Typing pool. Now I will give you a few minutes to let visions of Mad Men and typewriters dance in your head.


Okay. I don't spend my day tippy tapping away at a typewriter in a cloud of smoke while a Joan-esque woman looms about making sure I'm not distracting too the menfolk. No. Though the husband has made at least one reference to "doing a lap around the typing pool."

If you wish to continue thinking my job is clacking typewriters and timers then you should probably stop reading here because I'm about to burst your bubble.

Basically what I do is document formatting. Anything that has been translated into English goes through us. We take away all the pretty colours from the table you spent all morning working on. We make sure there are no curly quotes and that things are justified properly. Basically we make sure everything single piece of English documentation looks consistent. An agenda from a meeting last year should have the exact same formatting as an agenda from this year.

Yup, it's my job to make sure things look perfect.

The learning curve is steep and work comes in fast and furious. I realized today while I guzzled an ungodly amount of coffee that I had missed working like this. Weird I know. But it's a pace I'm oddly use to.

Oh yeah AND I'm still freelancing and working on a coursera class and just finished an edX class.

So the point of all of that? I've been busy. And I'm okay with that and I'm not sorry.

If I can get all my ducks on the same side of the pond (a row just ain't going to happen) a post about my 30 before 30 round up will go up tomorrow….you know the one I've been working on for about a week.