What would Portage do?

I've always been told well-behaved women rarely make history. Well here I am...about to make history. And I'm terrified.

My derby story is a long one. One that involves my beloved Oma, my dads memories, rugby, a TV show on A&E and my first documented case of an extreme fit of bravery.

My derby story was years in the making before I ever set 8 wheels on a track. However, there was no way I could have known when I was sitting in Wheelies that night in April for my info session with WRDL that I would find myself 5 years later preparing to start building Switzerlands first national roller derby team. Today we kick off the first of three in person try outs. The host team referred to me as the most experienced coach in Switzerland on their FB page this morning. I was so very humbled.

I'm petrified.

Actually I don't even think petrified is a strong enough word.

But some of the best things in life are the scariest. That's how I ended up in roller derby in the first place. I did something that scared the life out of me.

This week I've been a ball of stress and nerves. Not just because of these try out because life is never that straight forward. So I've been channeling one of my derby heroes. My dear Portage. I actually said out loud the other day, "What would Portage do?"

That's what Portage would do. Shove me through the pack and hope that I make it. And that's what I'm doing. Skating through the pack and hoping the opposing blockers are to busy to notice. This picture always springs to mind when I'm feeling a little lost.

Also much like her I've got lists, and schedules, and timelines and spreadsheets and wine. And when all else fails, I'll just be Jam Buster. Jam Buster is way more brave than Tatiana a lot of the times and when even that fails I'll remember my story. My history. The fact that I am suppose to be here doing this despite what my inner fraidy cat is telling me.

So I'm going to go and start making history....I'll let you know how it goes.