The kids need to know

I love Kid President. A lot. The world needs more people like him. But this most recent upload really reached in and grabbed my soul.

On Saturday as John and I wandered about Bern he asked me, "Is Llama turning 30 this year?" Yes, even he refers to my friend Jaimee as Llama. I said no, she's a year younger than I am. Actually as of today she and I are the same age for about 29 days. This lead to a discussion about how women are taught to fear getting older. We're taught that it's something to be dreaded something to bemoan something to be avoided at all costs. He made an interesting suggestion, "why don't women get together and tell the person with the milestone birthday what it was like when they made that milestone and reassure her that turning 30 or 40 or 50 is totally okay and awesome and what they've learned." (pssst...llama guess what you're getting for your birthday next year....)

Then it all came full circle on Monday morning when I saw Kid Presidents video and his call for telling the kids what they needs to know. So not only was I thinking about what I would say to someone else who is about to hit a milestone birthday I was thinking about what I would say to the 4 little creatures in our life that we pretend we had something to do with their over all awesomeness.

Monkey - You're 6 now and my mind just boggles at this little person you've become. You're in school now. What's up with that?!? And because you're in school you're meeting all sorts of other kids. The other day your mom told me some boy at school called you ugly. Oh how you godmama raged. How dare some jerk kid call you ugly. I want you to know my brave little girl you are NOT ugly. That kid on the other hand, ugly on the inside. Only people who are ugly on the inside say things like that. As you get older lots of TV commercials and magazines and things on the internet will try to tell you you're ugly. Not like that kid did at school. Not directly. But in ways where it's more subtle, more insidious and in ways that it makes you doubt yourself. Please please please please please remember you are not ugly. Not matter what anyone or anything tries to say. You're not only pretty on the outside, you're so pretty on the inside too.

Tater - You precious little bundle of hilarity. You make my life. I love the fact that your Godpapa will say "I GOT A SPOON!!" and we will fall apart in fit of laughter because of you. Please my Train loving godson of amazing never lose your ability to bring joy. The ability to make someone smile, laugh or brighten someones day is a life skill that will serve you well. Now, not everything will be amazing all the time and sometimes it will be hard to even smile let alone make someone else smile but I want you to know that's okay. Just don't let it dampen your joyful spirit for to long. One day when you're old enough....and when your Godmama is old enough I will tell you about the days when I had trouble being happy. A lot of trouble. And I will tell you how a goofy picture sent by your mom of you making a face revived me enough to not totally lose myself.

Zombie Snack - You told your Uncle John the other day that he wasn't funny. I just about died laughing. That honesty little one is something you need keep for the rest of your life. Now there will be times where it's better to just shut up rather than to tell someone what you really think. It's called picking your battles. This is something that will come with practice...okay it's something your Auntie Tana is totally still practicing....but I just wanted to put that out there. On the flip side though sweetheart sometimes it's hard to be honest especially if you know that it will hurt someone in the process but you know the need to hear the truth. Just know when that day comes and you need to speak the truth rather than watching someone make a mess of their life you are doing the right thing.

She who has not yet been named - At this point in time we have yet to actually meet. We haven't held you. We haven't smiled and laughed with you. Your Uncle John hasn't yet played skype peek-a-boo with you (he's the super president of the world in skype peek-a-boo by the really...ask your sister.) But when we finally meet it will be glorious I swear. We haven't been able to be very involved other than sending you lots of cool stuff (yes we are totally trying to buy your love at this point.) What I want you to know newest member of the family is that no matter how far away we are, we will ALWAYS come home. Sure it might not be a long visit. And the visits might be few and far between but we will always come home. And you and your sister will ALWAYS be at the top of our list of people we want to see first.


Jaimée said…
Yay! I'm looking forward to it! :-)