Spend some time with John and Tatiana

J: So what are you going to do with the old dishes?
T: Put them in storage upstairs.
J: really? Who needs service for 12?
T: Have you met any of the women in my family?

T: Did you see that thing I tagged you in on bookface?
J: Yes....and no I'm not going to do it!!
T: Why not? Don't you want librarything to give me $1000 worth of books?
J: Not really.

T: I used Phantom of the Paradise in class today.
J: Oh a film that was only popular in your home town and France before you were even born...yeah that seems super relevant to your 21-year-old student.

J: You'll be happy to know I got 38/40 on my french test.
T: YAY! Are you bringing it home?
J: No.
T: Why not!?
J: Because you'll put it on the fridge.

*Tatiana yelling at the TV while watching "My Cat from hell"*
T: You know what lady you don't DESERVE such an awesome ginger cat! Maybe YOU should leave.
J: Have you been drinking?
T: No, why?
J: Well maybe you should start so you can shut the door on the ranty shanty.

*Special guest appearance by our niece Zombie Snack*

*trying to cajole her into singing Old McDonald via skype*
T: You know sweetheart, Uncle John and Auntie Tana are kind of old so we can't remember all the words could you help us?
J: Is it Old Scrooge McDuck had a bank?
ZS: No.
J: Is it Old McAlister had a ranch?
J: Is is "Old McArthur had a tank..."
ZS: Uncle John...that's not funny.


Unknown said…
This is fabulous!