Shopping my closet week 1 round up

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So week one of shopping my closet is behind me. Some days were easier than others but overall it was fun.

Day 1: Pair two colours you don't normally wear together.
I went with purple and teal. Kind of an obvious choice but I had a few important meetings last Monday so I had to look a little more polished than usual. But it did mean I got to wear my favourite dress so yay!!

Day 2: Something you haven't worn in 6 months.
Here I had a bit of an issue. 6 months ago was the middle of summer so I had to do a bit of thinking. Then I remembered my second pair of winter boots. I have two pairs of winter boots. One for wet and one for dry or as I like to think of it one for a Manitoba winter and the other for a Swiss winter. So I hauled out my leopard print winter boots and went about my errands.

Day 3: Add a layer.
Easy peasy. I'm a Manitoban...I wear almost nothing BUT layers in the winter and I'm an avid cardigan wearer so this was pretty straight forward for me.

Day 4: Something "just for good."
You can never go wrong with lace and pearls.

Day 5: A skirt or dress styled.
Okay I'm not entirely sure what "styled" meant. I'm working on that thanks to pinterest so I played it safe and added a heavy belt to my favourite leather circle skirt.

Day 6: Black with a colour other than white.
So I wear a lot of black. As in laundry day looks like nothing but goth kids live here. So the black wasn't going to be to hard to find in my closet. I chose to pair it with purple. Not overly adventurous I admit but it was a hang around the house kind of day.

Day 7: An accessory I haven't worn in 6 months.
I have a lot of accessories I don't wear. I'm a sucker for necklaces and bracelets but I don't wear a lot of them. I kind of rotate between a few. So I grabbed a layered necklace I bought sometime last spring that I fell in love with when I saw it but don't wear often.

So there you have it, week 1. I have to say I'm really enjoying having a theme to think of every day. It really helps to have to look for something specific. Another way I've kept myself on track with this is by writing what each days goal is in my planner....yes I still write in a planner....I'm old school like that.