30 promises

My bestie turns 30 today. Without me. Yeah I know where does she get off doing that? Her turning 30 today means in 29 days I will become a card carrying 30 year old as well.

Recently when I was listening to an interview Robbie Williams did about his latest album I was thinking about my bestie. He mentioned that the song "Go Gentle" was for his daughter and that when he put it on the album he felt like he was letting the whole world in on his promise to his daughter. It was his way of staying accountable. I liked that. So here you go Jamie, 30 promises for 30 years that I hope to spend the next 30 years keeping.

  1. I will always make food for you (sans onions.)
  2. I will always answer when iMessage goes bloop. Except in the middle of night and even then chances are good I'll reply.
  3. I will show you how to make duck breast.
  4. I will always hug you like I haven't seen you in decades even if I the last time I saw you was the day before.
  5. I will always have the good cheap cheese in my fridge.
  6. I will always have gin and/or wine...or both on hand.
  7. I will always get righteously ragey on your behalf.
  8. I will always agree and ask questions later.
  9. I will try to send your kids the strangest kids books I can find.
  10. I will grow old with you.
  11. When we're both widows (let's be honest we're probably going to send our husbands to an early grave.) I will move in with you and keep you company.
  12. I will always cuddle with you and judge dresses on "Say yes to the dress."
  13. I will make you my moms hummus.
  14. I will always laugh at grammar jokes with you.
  15. I will always think you're a super hero.
  16. I will always love your kids like they were mine and I had something to do with their amazingness.
  17. I will always tell you my truths.
  18. Shenanigans
  19. I will always demand you read my latest favorite book.
  20. I will always think every idea you have is amazing.
  21. I will always come home...no really.
  22. You will always be the first person I tell.
  23. I will always consider you my soulmate.
  24. You will always be my sista.
  25. I will always trust you when you tell me my ass looks big.
  26. I will always tell you when an outfit is wrong for you.
  27. I will always be your strength when you run out.
  28. I will always have chocolate in my cupboard.
  29. I will always love everything about you.
  30. I will always tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.
Jamie...I just...I....miss your face.

Happy birthday besties...I'm so sorry I'm so far away today. Have some extra cake for me.


Jaim said…
These are NOT tears. Nope. NOT tears. My eyes are just lubricating themselves. And yes, I know you just giggled at the use of lubricate. :) I love you. So very much.

You better always come home.
Tatiana said…
He he he lubricate