30 days of shopping my closet

If you've ever seen my bedroom you'll know my bedroom floor is the biggest shelf in our apartment. It use to be a lot worse. People who saw my bedroom before we lived overseas would probably swear on a stack of Hardy Boys books that my closet was out of control. Like seriously out of control.

I like clothing. I always have. I started dressing myself earlier than most kids apparently. Sure my outfit choices were pretty questionable (and they still are at times) but my parents figured there were bigger battles to fight than what I was wearing. Basically my parents are experts at choosing their battles with me and my clothing simply wasn't worth it. Very rarely, if ever did they say, "you're not wearing that." I remember quite a few, "you're wearing that?!" But that was the extent of it.

One of the goals on my 30 before 30 list is to do a clothing challenge. First it was a 6 item challenge but then I started working which would make it a bit difficult. Then I figured what about a 30 item challenge and then I hit a road block. While I'm creative....like crazy creative I'm not super creative with putting together clothing. Scratch that I am creative with my clothing....when I have my entire closet at my disposal. 

Then I stumbled across the 30 day shop your wardrobe challenge. Oooooh this I can do. The challenge shop your closet. Shop what you have already. Spend 30 days reacquainting yourself with your wardrobe. Which for me is a great thing. I like to shop and especially right now with all those clothing stores here that are having end of season sales that make my knees go weak and my francs disappear. The best part though is the pdf on the website. Not only is the whole purpose is explained and the motivation but everyday you have a different challenge.

YAY direction!! I like direction....and lists. 

So it's less about being "fashionable" and more about taking stock of what you have. Most excellent. Yesterday the challenge was to wear something I hadn't worn in 6 months. Monday was two colours I've never combined before. Today is add a layer. Tomorrow, something "just for good."

Jill at http://myyearwithoutclothesshopping.com/ also has a really cool cull your closet special report as well. When I moved overseas my closet was culled within an inch of its life. So while I don't actually have much compared to what I use to have I still go in every 6 months and ditch things. The trick for me though is that after I ditch things I need to work on not replacing them with something else.

You get to follow me on my adventure as well! YAY!!! I'll be doing weekly round up posts with outfit pictures over the 30 days of the challenge and maybe if you're feeling up to it you can shop your closet along with me.


Sara Louise said…
Since I'm moving back to the States in a couple of months, I've already begun to seriously pare down my wardrobe, but I've hit a plateau. I'm popping over to check out that culling special report. Thanks for posting the link :)
Have fun shopping your closet!
Bre said…
I've heard of "shop your closet" before, but this one sounds way easier to follow. I think I'm going to have to join you!
Tatiana said…
You should totally join me. And you're right, this program seems very doable compared to the very broad "just shop your closet" because I'm always thinking...but how?!?! I love the daily prompts because it focuses me.