Wordless Wednesday: What's in my Gear Bag

Roller Derby has once more taken over my life. Which I'm pretty okay with. John is actually okay with it too...for now. Mostly because it means he gets to watch Jackass when I'm not home and when he DOES come to practice occasionally there is beer and donuts.

Yes, there was beer and donuts at this Sundays practice.

I love my team.

So here we go, on this mostly wordless Wednesday, what's in my gear bag.

Real Wordless Wednesday


How bad ass! Love your blog! Newest follower
Roller derby sounds completely awesome! Where can we come cheer for your team?
Tatiana said…
The team I coach right now is based out of Bern. But there are teams in Zurich, Geneva and Luzern.
Lauren said…
This inspired me to finally watch a roller derby bout on Youtube. Holy Moly! That is the best sport EVER! If I had the time to play, I'd so be there. Except for the fact I'm a TERRIBLE skater. Even as a kid, when I actually skated on a regular bases, I was dreadful. Sigh.
Tatiana said…
You know.....derby always needs non-skating officials...just saying ;)