365 days summed up in a series of lists

Top 5 moments of Win:

1. The Canada Day Care Package from Canadian Tire. I still really can't put into words what they meant for us. Even now when we try to explain the whole thing to people it's hard to put into words. Canadian tire sent people to our house in Switzerland to give us pieces of home. It was also pretty trippy doing media interviews in my hometown of Winnipeg from the comfort of my home in Switzerland.

2. Getting paid to write. Here's the thing, I've been wanting to exchange words for money for most of my life. Most of my life I've wanted to be a write. I spent 2013 being able to tell people I was a write and that I was working as a writer.

3. GISHWHES. The greatest internet scavenger hunt the world has ever seen changed my life. I spent a week doing the most wonderful and wacky things with friends from all over the globe.

4. Rejoining the world of Roller Derby. I celebrate my 5 year derby-versary in May 2014. After moving to Switzerland I made the decision to put roller derby on pause for a while. Life was complicated enough without all the drama that roller derby brings with it. And then in August roller derby found me again in the form of a brand new league being started in my area which has lead to some amazing things like...oh...I don't know...being made coach of Team Switzerland.

5. That time I got a job that required me to leave the house. It took me 2 years to get a job in Switzerland. 2 friggin years. I have a permit most places don't understand and don't want to deal with and well I don't speak Swiss German. I work part-time as an English teacher and it's been awesome so far.

Top 5 moments of Not so Win:

1. We lost our giant ginger cat Dylan in April. Our hearts were broken. They're still broken.

2. This was a year of a lot of uncertainty. A lot of fights and a lot of not being happy with where I was and what I was doing.

3. The chaos that John's travel creates. I'll never get use to it. Yeah my life goes on and we're fine with being apart but the disruptions it causes to our routine is something I will never get use to.

4. Seeing my best friend off at the Zurich airport. Yes her coming to visit was an epic win but seeing her walk through security broke my heart. I can genuinely say I don't know when the next time is that I'll get to hug my best friend.

5. Being so far away when our second niece was born. The days when your family gains a new member are the days when Switzerland is just to far away.

5 favourite search terms that brought people to my blog:

1. "How to revitalize an inactive clitoris." I kid you not, someone found my blog this way. I'm sorry to whoever googled that and got my blog, this is not the droid you're looking for.

2. "Beer the reason I wake up every afternoon." ....yeah...I don't know either.

3. "I'm not my mom's favourite/I'm not the favourite child." This is true. I'm not my mom's favourite.

4. "John {his last name spelled wrong} Bern Switzerland" Yup, someone found my blog by googling my husband. We are fairly sure this is connected with John getting called at work by a random internet stranger who wanted to know about his interview process at the UPU.

5. "what classes do I need to take in high school to be a chocolatetier" this one made me smile. I went to chocolate school twice this year at the Caillier factory and I blogged about it once and I stated I wish I had been told about chocolate school when I was in high school. So future chocolatetiers who come upon my blog I will say this, I hope you achieve your dream!

Fun fact: by far the most often used search term that brings people here is some form of "pros and cons of living in Switzerland"

Top 5 blog posts as according to my analytics:

1. The Pros and Cons of Swiss Living
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3. Look at this awesomeness: The Rockit Bot Nerd Herder Gadget Wallet
4. To the Non Moms
5. The Time I went to Chocolate School with my mom

Top 5 blog posts as according to me:

1. A little about regret
2. This Idiots Expat Survival Guide
3. What we've learned so far: The 2 years edition
4. The reverse bucket list
5. Full Circle Moment: The Shakespeare Edition

Top 5 songs I will never get sick of in 2013:

Happy new year dear readers!


Jaim said…
Walking through security after an EPIC week broke my heart too... seriously, I did a big fat ugly cry (the guy who sold me pineapple looked at me funny). There were few good things about my year but one was spending a week in your home, being fattened up, riding trains, and just being awesome. I love you.