12 Days of Love Letters

When you're an expat you get the best mail. Yes, people actually send us mail. Not just emails. But postcards, letters, packages. Random pieces of love in the mail arrive when they're least expected and generally most needed. My friend Jen, (hi jen!) made a new years resolution to send more postcards. I got 1 postcard a month from her and it was serisously amazing. Her postcards usually showed up when I needed them most. One of the favourite things she wrote me was, "Remember, the moon is far away, Switzerland is not." When I'm feeling particularly far from home I remind myself, "the moon is far away."

Having been the recipient of 12 lovely postcards this year makes my involvement with the 3rd Annual 12 Days of Love Letter Writing by The World needs more Love Letters all that more awesome.

I've been asked to be one of the bloggers for this amazing holiday campaign.

In the spirit of the holiday season, More Love Letters annual  "12 Days of Love Letter Writing" campaign is 12 days packed to the brim with love letter requests, social media mayhem, giveaways, holiday cheer, and (of course) non-stop scripting of handwritten letters for individuals around the world who are so deserving of some extra holiday cheer. Mark your calendars from December 9-20, 2013, grab your cocoa, and get more details here!

Over the 12 days I will make sure you know where to go for that days letter request. You'll find the request for day 2 right here on my blog. So stay tuned here on the 10th for that days letter request.

Want to sign up and get letter requests in your inbox? Awesome, just sign up here. And don't forget about the Twitter kick off party on the 8th from 8 to 10pm EST. You can have a look at the facebook event for that here. We'll also have our own hashtag #12daysMLL for you to follow. YAY.

So get out your pens and writing paper and get ready for 12 days of sending love to someone who needs it.