12 Days of love letter writing: Day 2

It's here! The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing is here!! It kicked off yesterday. If you missed the post about the letter request on my facebook page you can head over to one of my fellow 12 days bloggers The Vagabond Studio and read it there. Remember all love letters are to be in the mail by December 20th. But if you're an international participant maybe try to get them in the mail sooner than that.

Okay so you've signed up to receive your letter requests, or you're following along on the More Love letters (MLL) website or twitter and you've got some letter requests in one hand and stationary in the other and you're wondering now what?

Well MLL makes it easy with a few tips:

Do - Be creative. There are limitless possibilities lurking behind the stationery, stickers, calligraphy pens and craft store essentials you can use to script a good love letter.

Do - Tell a story. If you have been there before, write it. Don’t be afraid to let yourself sit on the page. As you pour honesty out through the pen you might be surprised by the liberating feeling that comes from linking up your soul with that of a stranger.

Do - Gather your friends and write love letters together. Seriously, what is better than a night spent laughing and writing love letters with your closest pals, slugging cider while pretending text messages don’t yet exist and email is only a one-day, some-day creation you’ve seen on the Jetsons.

You can do this!  They even have this great Slide share about the Art of Love Letter Writing. Check it out.

And now for today's letter request. So warm up your hot chocolate (or mulled wine...which ever) and get writing.

Bundle Recipient:  Kitty


This request comes from Kitty’s best friend of over twenty years. She tells us “Kitty came into my life one day in eighth grade, and brought with her sunny hilarity, a love of fun, and an exuberant, quirky, generously loving personality. Kitty saved parts of my soul that I believe would have otherwise shriveled up and died from lack of nurture.”

Many years into their friendship, Kitty was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. As she could not afford the medication most people use to be functional, she has managed her symptoms through “grit and a dedication to life”. While working to recover from an injury Kitty discovered that she loved building things and began working toward becoming a carpenter. Kitty’s friend says “Carpentry is not just her vocation, it is her calling. Kitty is tiny, but she hefts huge loads on the back she still takes good care of. She comes home from work bruised, with smashed fingernails-- and she doesn't care. This work is in her bones. The carpentry profession is male-dominated, and not only is Kitty a woman, she is a woman who is new to the trade. She deals with rampant sexism on the job, and has to work twice as hard as her male co-workers to earn the respect that they receive from one another immediately. Kitty shows up on time, works incessantly, and stays late. She loves her work but struggles with self-doubt in a field that does not encourage women.”

Let’s send some much needed encouragement to this unique and wonderful woman!

Please send all love letters to: 
Kitty’s Bundle
c/o Joy M.
33 South Catalina Ave.
Suite 204
Pasadena, CA 91106

(We ask that all love letters be in the mailbox by December 20th!)

Happy Writing friends!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing Kitty's story, Tatiana! I wrote my letter today and can't wait to mail it off to such a deserving, hard-working individual. Also, I'm glad that the 12 Days of Love Letters pointed me toward your blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you found me too because it means I found your blog and boy do I love it! Happy love letter writing!!!


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