The Epic shoe post

This is John. He's not impressed.
This post will be picture've been warned.

What started as a comment on instragram about my shoes and someones hope that I post a picture of all my shoes lined up one day has turned into "My Shoes: The Blog Post." Of course my best friend had to also comment that there isn't a lens wide enough to capture all my shoes in one shot.

She may or may not be right.

I have a thing for shoes. Like some women have a thing for purses or jackets (coughmymomcough) I have a deep affection for shoes. This is one of the few things that seriously annoys John about me. He's convinced I think I some how have more than two feet. He's not a fan of the shoes. He hates most of them. Every time I bring a new pair home and do the tradition "I simply had to have these for the following reasons" speech I'm met with so much eye rolling I fear he might get whiplash. However, as I was photographing my shoes for this blog post he did admit something. My shoe collection has been a lot worse. International moves make you get rid of things and my shoes were some of the first casualties of the purge.

So for my viewing pleasure I give you my Achilles heel, my shoe collection.

Sandals...about to go into shortage

Flats. Everything from sparkles to spikes.

Yup, those would be spikes.

A really dear friend of mine mailed me these from Canada when I complimented hers on facebook.

My sneakers. Yup I own sneakers....two of the pairs are
even for working out!

My boots. The black ones on the end were bought in Rome.

Last years birthday present to myself. Sparkly rainbow skull boots.

My winter boots. I came here with the mukluks. But those are more for dry cold.
I had to buy another pair for the wet cold we get here. Yes they are in fact leopard print.

These made the cut for the move from Canada. Major problem though, we live at the top of a hill.
Hill are not ideal terrain for high heels.

I waited for these to go on sale for three months. I eventually got them for 15 bucks Canadian.
Before we left I had the heel re-tipped and I have the sole rubberized.
These were the shoes I was wearing when we went to my sister-in-laws
High School graduation and someone decided I simply MUST be John's wife because
my shoes were obviously not from Canada. Fun fact: I bought them in Winnipeg at a mall. 
I love my wild boar slippers.

All my shoes in one big happy shoe family!!


  1. I'll be honest, you don't have nearly as many shoes as I thought you would. I think I have about the same amount and I consider myself an anti-shoe person - meaning that I own a single pair for every common purpose and that's it. I do, however, recognize the "eye roll whiplash" - I get that every time I bring home another book. But then, if you have 3,000 books, people thinks you are just a nerd. If you have 3,000+ shoes, people think you are Imelda Marcos.


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